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These programs are designed to advance projects featuring strong Western Australian stories, content and voices so they can seek further investment or market interest and move towards being production ready.


Professional Development - Below the Line Placements

Applications open all year.

This fund seeks to support the development of Below-The-Line (BTL) crew, in recognition that highly skilled practitioners are vital for the long-term growth of the screen industry in Western Australia.

It provides funding to BTL WA resident practitioners who have demonstrated a considerable commitment to their field of choice. It is primarily focused at practitioners who have been offered an exceptional national or international opportunity that will enhance and develop their professional careers and the development of capability and capacity of the industry.


How to Apply

Applications can be emailed to

Applicants should forward all required application materials in a single email. Application materials are not to be emailed directly to individual staff members.

Required Reading


Crew Attachment Program - upcoming feature film

Paid attachment (work experience) opportunities for Emerging WA Filmmakers

Safety Supervisor Attachment & Unit Publicist Attachment: Applications are now closed.

Productions that receive Screenwest production funding over $100,000 are required to budget for and engage a Western Australian attachment/s, in consultation with Screenwest.

The Screenwest Crew Attachment Program aims to provide on the job experience for Western Australian screen practitioners who are interested in furthering their career and skills, by shadowing an experienced industry professional on a professional production shooting in Western Australia.

The program is designed to address skills gaps that exist (or emerge over time) and are identified as being of the highest priority within Western Australia’s professional below-the-line crew base.

Once the attachment opportunities have been mutually agreed upon by Producer and Screenwest there will be a public call out for applications through Screenwest’s newsletter and social media channels.


  • Safety Supervisor Attachment
  • Unit Publicist Attachment

Each attachment is six weeks on an upcoming feature film based in Kalgoorlie and Perth

Applications for both attachments open: Wednesday, 18 May 2022
Applications for both attachments close: Wednesday, 25 May 2022 at 5:00pm AWST
Expected start date (Safety Supervisor Attachment): Monday, 30 May 2022
Expected start date (Unit Publicist Attachment): Wednesday, 1 June 2022

How to Apply

Applications will be accepted through the Screenwest SmartyGrants Portal.

Acquittal Forms

Only for applications not submitted through SmartyGrants

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