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When Detective Robbie Green is called in to investigate the murder of his colleague Jason Pearson, he discovers at the crime scene a SD video data card. The card contains footage shot by two runaway teenagers, Rachel and AJ, who were making a documentary about the death of Rachel’s sister, Abbie, who died in an unsolved hit and run. Robbie and his new partner Detective Jane Pearson start to retrace the teen’s journey and soon the pair are uncovering a trail of the dead. Video footage reveals Jason as a drug dealer’s protector, and he gives up Robbie as the driver who killed Abbie. Robbie is discharged and sent home, only to find his two daughters being held hostage by AJ and Rachel. With police approaching the home, she takes Robbie up onto the roof at gunpoint with nothing but revenge on her mind.

Filmed and Post Produced in Western Australia

on the Traditional Country of the Yamatji Badimia, Yamatji Nanda & Noongar Whadjuk peoples

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Production Information


John V. Soto


Deidre Kitcher


John V. Soto

Associate Producer

Jonathan La Paglia

John McPherson

Louise Wilson

David Cavanagh

Andrew Gotti

Lee Chambers

Diane McGee

Executive Producers

David Calvert-Jones

Greg Coote

Robert Lundberg

Roger Savill

Kim Savill

Malcom Rudd

Kate Rudd

Key Cast

Jonathan LaPagila
Luke Hemsworth
Viva Bianca
Hanna Mangan-Lawrence
Alex Williams
Tom O’Sullivan
Rebecca Davis
Igor Sas
Katie Dorman
Kelsie Anderson


Incubate (ANZ)

Key WA Crew

Director of Photography

Jason Thomas


Regg Swarko

Production Designer

Monique Wajon

Costume Designer

Colleen Sutherland

Production Coordinator

Mandina Oh

Casting Director

Jacqueline Alliss

1st Assistant Director

Michael Faranda

2nd Assistant Director

Genevieve Martin

3rd Assistant Director

Hayden Fortescue

Second Unit Director

A.J. Carter


Mark Rhodes

Phillip Orr


Dan Spriggs

Key Grip

Travis Davis

Unit Manager

Vivienne Rintoul-Atkins

Hair & Make Up Designer

KT Crocker

Director of Post Production

Grady Habib

Visual Effects Producer

Clint Logan

VFX Supervisor

Jaemie Manners

Supervising Sound Editor

Ric Curtin

Sound Editor

Glenn Martin

Sound Recordist

Scott Montgomery


Thomas Rouch

Hear from the Director

“Writing and directing are both difficult and challenging disciplines.”

“Hardships with writing is getting halfway through a draft and realizing that a character has to go, but you’ve included him/her in every second scene. Directing gets hard when there are time constraints. I want to stay til every shot and scene is perfect, but on low budget films, we just never have the luxury.”

– John V. Soto, Writer and Director

Jason (Luke Hemsworth) offers a deal
Photo credit Justin Griffiths, VG Productions Pty Ltd.
Rachel (Hanna Mangan Lawrence) and her sister Abbie (Chelsea Williamson) at the beach.

Shooting in Perth

“Perth, Western Australia is my favorite place to film”

Because we have a similar climate to LA, with great (unpolluted) rivers, beaches, parks, towns, cities, etc, plus it’s close to my home. As mentioned before though, I’d like to shoot in the US too. I’ve got my US passport handy.

– John V. Soto, Writer and Director

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