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Take advantage of the incredible scenery and diverse locations that Western Australia has to offer.

Browse our gallery to get inspired and find spectacular locations that will bring your project to life.

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Buildings in City of Perth skyline lit up at night

Inner City

© Tourism Western Australia

Calm beach with clear blue skies and grassy coast in the background


© Tourism Western Australia

Forest with sunlight filtering through the trees


© Frances Andrijich

Aerial photos of white vehicle driving down a road surrounded by red earth and scrubland.


© Tourism Western Australia

Street of heritage architecture buildings at sunset

Buildings & Architecture

© Paul Smyth

Outback with red earth, scrubland and rocks with sun hanging low over the horizon in a clear blue sky.


© Tourism Western Australia

Rolling hills covered in yellow wildflowers

Vineyards & Farmland

© Tourism Western Australia

Poppet heads and industrial equipment in the outback


© Tourism Western Australia

River cutting through a red rock gorge


© Tourism Western Australia

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Have you considered listing your home, land, office building, warehouse, restaurant, bar, hotel or other locations as a filming location?

If you think you have the perfect scenic, picturesque, quirky or distinct location, add it to our online locations gallery and your location could be seen on the big or small screen!

Wildflowers, Perenjori © Tourism Western Australia

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