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The aim of the “WA Screen Industry Health Check” is to collate, analyse and report on findings to assist Screenwest in future strategic planning and decisions for industry growth and explore opportunities for sustainable competitive advantages in WA.

Listen to Ken Crouch of Screenworks to find out more.

How to Participate

Online Surveys

The WA Screen Industry Health Check Online Surveys are open now until Friday, 28 February 2020. If you would like the opportunity to meaningfully contribute to future planning, please participate in the online survey component of the WA Screen Industry Health Check.

There are two surveys available.

  • Individual Survey – for employees, freelancers or independent contractors.
  • Company/Organisation Survey – for managers, General Managers or CEOs who can complete a survey on behalf of a company or organisation.

Managers, General Managers or CEOs who complete the Company/Organisation survey are also encouraged to complete the Individual Survey from their own individual perspective.

To visit the information page and access the surveys, please visit the WA Screen Industry Health Check page of the Screenworks website.

Industry Forums

Targeted industry forums will be conducted by Screenworks in early February 2020 with key stakeholders and industry groups. These groups will be contacted directly by Screenworks.

There will be two industry forums which will be open to the public. To register your expression of interest to join one of these forums, please visit the WA Screen Industry Health Check page of the Screenworks website.

More Information

For more information, please visit the WA Screen Industry Health Check page of the Screenworks website.

If you have further questions please contact Screenworks at or on +61 02 6681 1188.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Ken Crouch, the CEO of Screenworks and I’m here to talk to you about the Screen Industry Health Check that we’ll be delivering in Western Australia over the coming months.

Screenworks has been engaged by Screenwest to undertake a project called Western Australian Screen Industry Health Check.

The purpose of the project is to collate, analyse and report on findings from surveys and industry forums that will take place over the coming months.

This information will be complimented by research and analysis to help inform future strategic planning and decisions by Screenwest for industry growth.

To ensure that everyone is provided the opportunity to be involved in the process, the approach that we have proposed will try to be inclusive of the broadest and most diverse audience as possible at the same time as collecting the most relevant data.

So, who is Screenworks?

Screenworks has been delivering screen industry development initiatives, programs and services for almost 20 years.

Our primary goal is to support the growth of an innovative, vibrant and sustainable screen industry across Australia, but particularly in regional areas.

As many of you are already aware, in the last couple of years Screenworks has grown quite significantly and has now become a national screen industry service provider that supports people in every state and territory.

Previous Screenworks Projects

Over the past two years, Screenworks has been engaged by other state and territory funding bodies to undertake industry development analysis and consultation projects.

Specific to this project in Western Australia, we’ve recently delivered two key projects in South Australia and Queensland.

The first was a South Australian Screen Sector Industry Development Analysis for South Australian Film Corporation in 2019.

Screenworks was also recently engaged to undertake a project for Screen Queensland in 2018, which was a roadmap for the screen industry in far north Queensland.

The document for Screen Queensland helped to inform a 10-year plan for the screen industry in far north Queensland, which the Queensland Premier launched earlier this year.

Collection of Information

For the Western Australian Screen Industry Health Check project, Screenworks has developed two online industry surveys: the first for individuals and the other for companies and organisations.

In regards to who should complete the survey, if you’re an employee, freelancer or independent contractor then you should be completing the individual survey.

If you’re a manager in a company or organisation that is able to complete the survey on behalf of that company or organisation, for example a CEO or general manager, then you should complete the company survey.

Obviously, the person completing the company or organisation survey may also choose to complete the individual survey from their own individual perspective.

Each survey takes approximately 20 minutes to complete, depending on how detailed the responses are that you would like to provide.

But it’s really important that people find the time to complete all of the survey.

The information will be really helpful to us, so that we can provide the most comprehensive report to Screenwest that will ultimately help them plan the future of the industry in Western Australia.

These surveys have been designed to explore a broad range of topics that make up the ecosystem of the industry here in the state, including areas for potential growth and which sectors of the industry can be developed further and create more job opportunities.

We also look at skills gaps and training requirements, and what are the roles that productions are struggling to fill in this state?

We look at the industry size and also the demographic, and finally, we’ll be looking at the general health and safety and general well-being within the industry, including mental health, bullying, harassment and safety procedure understanding.


In relation to who will see the responses that you provide in the surveys, it’s really important that I point out that any data collected will remain with Screenworks and will remain confidential.

All of the reporting that we will provide the data in a collective manner and will be deidentified.

This means that any information that may identify a respondent will be removed so that privacy is maintained throughout.

Industry Forums

Screenworks will be back in Perth again in February next year to do a series of targeted industry forums with key stakeholders and industry groups who will be contacted shortly.

Several of these forums will be invite only and will be with industry advisory groups, underrepresented groups and associations, however, there will be two open forums, which people will be able to submit an expression of interest to be a part of.

These will be broken down into two groups: Factual and Scripted.

Registration for these forums will be available soon.

It’s important to point out that people will have a lot of opportunity to provide their input as part of these online surveys, however, these industry forums will be there to explore topics that are specific to the areas and will help us gain a better insight into the online surveys, which otherwise we just can’t get access to.

Research and Analysis

After the surveys are closed and the industry forums are complete, we will then start a process of research into the Australian and international industry landscape.

We will also review literature that covers current and future trends affecting the industry.

We’ll undertake a detailed analysis and ideation process, which will include a SWOT analysis and will formulate strategic priorities and actions.

The findings of this project will help to feed into future strategic planning and decision-making being made by Screenwest about your future industry.

Findings from the project will be made public by Screenwest upon the completion of the project.

Find Out More

For more information about this project, please head to the Screenworks website.

The online surveys will be available from Tuesday, 10 December 2019 and if you’ve got any questions at all, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for listening.

Ken Crouch
Screenworks CEO

Transcript Ends

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