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The Heights is a ground-breaking serial drama about a community trying to protect its way of life, while under the constant threat of gentrification and the social stratification of its neighbourhood.

The ‘slice of life’ drama explores the relationships, work lives and everyday challenges faced by six families living in the Arcadia social housing tower and the gentrifying inner-city district that surrounds it – Arcadia Heights.

The series presents a medley of characters, cultures, classes and backgrounds from the ‘tower’ community, exploring their relationships, work lives and everyday challenges faced by its characters in an entertaining relationship drama series.

The cast of The Heights S1Photo credit Matchbox Productions
The cast of The Heights Season One.

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Production Information


Warren Clarke

Que Minh Luu


Warren Clarke


Peta Astbury

Warren Clarke


James Bogle

Andrew Prowse

Renee Webster

Darlene Johnson


Miley Tunnecliffe
Tracey Defty-Rashid
Dot West
Warren Clarke
Megan Palinkas
Hannah Carroll Chapman
Peter Mattessi
Romina Accurso
Nick King
Clare Atkins
Niki Aken
Magda Wozniak
Mithila Gupta
Larissa Behrendt
Katie Beckett
Melissa Lee Speyer

Executive Producers

Que Minh Luu

Debbie Lee

Director of Photography

Jim Frater ACS

Production Designer

Emma Fletcher

Casting Director & Acting Coach

Annie Murtagh-Monks

Costume Designer

Lien See Leong


Travis Davis

Dan King

Henry Richards

Greg McKie

Taufan Hasny


Perry Sandow

Grant Wilson

Make-Up & Hair Designer

Hayley Atherton

Sound Recordist

Trevor Hope

Ben Ohayon

Richard Hubbard


Meredith Watson Jeffrey

Peter Pritchard

Unit Publicity

Natalie Cameron



Behind The Scenes

The Heights Set

Take a tour of the set of The Heights in the ABC Perth Studio with Producer Peta Bulsara and ABC Radio Perth’s Russell Woolf.

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