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Something strange is going on in Seaburgh. A boat explosion, and a series of dead fish washing up on the shore has everyone talking.

As rumours swell that the explosion was the result of a gas leak, Itch begins to worry that the dead fish might be the result of his disposal of the rock down the mineshaft. What if radiation is leaching into the waterways causing marine life to die? A quick test of one of the fish shows the rock isn’t to blame. While Itch is relieved, he also can’t help but think something big is at play, and that Greencorp must somehow be involved.

When the town grows unsettled over the beach being closed and the decline in tourism, the Mayors decision to reopen the beach raises alarm. Given there’s been an increase in sick wildlife and more dead fish washing up on the shore, who knows what the highly toxic water might do to humans? But with Greencorp continue to lie and cover up the truth, the Mayor is convinced that reopening the seaside town for business is the best thing.

As the group struggle to find any evidence proving what is contaminating the water, Itch decides that the only way they can be certain is to infiltrate Greencorp from the top down, via company CEO and all‐round bad guy, Mr. Lannister. Only getting access to someone like that comes with challenges and danger. But luckily, Itch and his friends have never been ones to shy away from a challenge.

Photo credit David Dare Parker

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Production Information


Melanie Halsall


Nicholas Verso

Tenika Smith


Amanda Morrison

Melanie Halsall

Line Producer

Peter Muston

Executive Producers

Amanda Morrison

Edward Glauser

Michael Shyjka

Key Cast

Samuel Ireland
Kylah Day
Melanie Wozniak
Harrison Popple
Charles Russell
Keala Kern
Henry Mendez
Lauren Campbell



Key Locations




Director of Photography

Jim Frater ACS

Costume Designer

Lien See Leong

Production Designer

Emma Fletcher

Art Director

Kate Bailey

First Assistant Directors

John Fairhead

Brad Holyoake

Makeup and Hair Designer

Kate Anderson

Production Sound Mixer

Gavin Repton

Post Sound

Ric Curtin


Peter Pritchard

Lara Benwell


Ash Gibson Greig

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