Funding Approvals

This page contains Screenwest's funding approvals for the current financial year.

Downloadable files

Screenwest will now make public all funding approvals on its website monthly, including the project name, production company/producer/developer, genre, synopsis and funding program as they appear in their official funding offer.

Screenwest will not release details of amounts given to individual projects/activities. Screenwest will not make public the details of the individual project title if the production company/producer/developer seeks an exemption in the form of written notification to Screenwest within 7 business days of any offer being sent.

At the end of each financial year, full details of all funding approvals will be made available to the public in the Screenwest Annual Report. Annual reports can be found here: Screenwest – Publications

All Funding Offers, as of 1 July 2019 will contain information regarding this.

Screenwest will undertake all reasonable measures to ensure the accuracy of any and all information relating to approvals listed at the time of publication.

The funding approvals for July 2019 will be available on the Screenwest website mid-August 2019.