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This session was presented by Pravin Menon (Director, Government Relations & Operations at Screen Producers Australia) to provide an overview of the Australian Screen Industry Code of Practice.

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00:00 Holding Slide

06:10 Welcome from Willie Rowe

06:50 Session Overview from SPA’s Pravin Menon

08:38 Introduction to the Code

09:25 What is the Code?

11:34 Why do we have a Code?

17:34 Who does the Code apply to?

24:35 Key Legal Concepts

32:14 What does and doesn’t the Code cover?

37:49 Where does the Code apply?

39:17 Discrimination Overview

41:48 Harassment Overview

45:12 Sexual Harassment Overview

47:13 Workplace Bullying Overview

50:32 Vilification Overview

51:54 Victimisation Overview

54:28 What is not Workplace Bullying?

55:05 What are your rights and obligations as an employer?

1:03:55 Where can employers seek advice or submit a complaint?

1:17:07 What are potential consequences for non-compliance?

1:28:09 What steps can employers take to minimise risks?

1:43:41 What other resources are available?

About the Screen Industry Code of Practice

The Screen Industry Code of Practice was developed by both Screen Producers Australia (SPA) and the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) to support the prevention of workplace discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment and bullying in the screen industry.

Although described as a voluntary industry code of practice, Screenwest encourages all screen industry practitioners to adopt and follow it.

Screenwest also expects all funding applicants (including their employers and contractors, if applicable) to comply with all state and federal safe workplace legislations and use reasonable efforts to follow the recommendations of the Australian Screen Industry Code of Practice. This is referenced in the Business Terms section of the Screenwest Terms of Trade.

You can download the Code of Practice, examples, template documents, and FAQs from the Screen Producers Australia’s about page.

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