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Screenwest launched an action plan and a new Diversity Fund to help address the lack of diversity within the Western Australian screen industry, both on screen and behind the camera.

The launch was held at the DADDA Fremantle hub on 92 Adelaide Street in Fremantle and saw a mix of emerging and established WA screen creatives attend.

Janelle Marr, Chair, Screenwest said: “Diversity in Western Australia is mainstream, and is a lived reality of the contemporary community. Yet our screen industry does not reflect this. To resonate with audiences, we need to reflect a diversity of experiences and perspectives.

“Through the Screenwest Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan, Screenwest will implement a range of processes and activities to widen the talent pool and offer fairer access to the screen industry. We want to inspire greater creativity and authenticity, to introduce new voices and untold stories from across the State, and to grow the audiences watching the content we support.”

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