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What Your Support Does

Develop and Diversify the WA Economy

In 2019-20 Screenwest funded projects generated 5,617* in total FTE jobs and over $51 million in total qualifying Western Australian spend to the economy.

Screenwest supported projects generated over $4 for the WA economy for every $1 of funding Screenwest provided!

Your support could help us to grow the industry to deliver more and diversify WA’s economy.

*Includes direct, indirect and induced impacts – those relating to goods and service suppliers, and re-spending in the wider economy – generated through the production activity in which Screenwest has invested.

Give Back to the Local Community

Screen productions have significant returns to the community in which they film including:

  • opportunities for professional development and work experience for locals;
  • contributing to future tourism opportunities for the region; and
  • directly working with local community members to collaborate and share their unique stories and voices to a wider audience.

Amplify Underrepresented Voices and Support Innovation

Screenwest would love to work with organisations and individuals who have an interest in our key areas of focus to diversify screen storytelling and develop emerging and mid-career practitioners including:

  • Indigenous Programs
  • Games and Interactive
  • Gender Diversity
  • LGBTQIA+ Focus
  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Practitioner Development

How you can support Screenwest and the WA Screen Industry

There are a number of ways you or your organisation can support the Western Australian Screen Industry.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnering with Screenwest, WA’s premier screen funding and support agency, creates unique business and networking opportunities for your organisation. In addition, a strategic partnership with us means that you make a significant contribution to the cultural life of Western Australians and enable us and the WA screen industry to share Western Australian talent, culture and Country, internationally.

Partnerships can be designed to suit your organisation’s requirements and budget. Please contact us on the details below to find out more.

Screen Investment

Screenwest is in contact with drama and factual film producers seeking strategic and financial support for upcoming screen projects.

Screenwest can provide introductions to production companies and producers if you wish to invest in screen production.

Contact Us

To discuss a contribution to potential projects which align with your values or the strategic or ideological objectives of your organisation please contact:

Nadine Redmond
Head of Strategy and Stakeholder Relations, Screenwest
Ph: +61 8 6169 2106

Rikki Lea Bestall
CEO, Screenwest
Ph: +61 8 6169 2100

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