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Screenwest, in collaboration with the State Library of Western Australia, is excited to share the completed WA Reflections projects with the community showcasing forgotten parts of WA history through a new lens.

The special initiative provided emerging and mid-career factual filmmakers with the opportunity to interpret archived State Library collection items, bringing them to life as engaging screen experiences. The final screen projects range from a dramatisation of a ballroom murder mystery, a celebration of WA’s musical history in the 60s, a creative exposé of our streets, a journey of prospecting in the goldfields from the 80s to the present, to an immersive VR in depth look at famous Perth architect, Iwan Iwanoff’s, designs.

The State Library of Western Australia contributed over $60,000 to the initiative, with Screenwest contributing $30,000 to enable the WA factual filmmakers the opportunity to tell these stories from their creative perspectives.

The five completed works launched last night at a special screening event at the State Library of Western Australia’s Theatre. The event also included a demonstration of the Reflections of Iwanoff virtual reality experience as well as feature displays of some of the State Library collection items that inspired the five films being launched.

Filming took place across Perth, Fremantle and the Goldfields with over 40 creatives and talent engaged in production of the five films, ranging from actors to animators, photographers, sound recordists, directors and even a skateboarder.

The Honourable David Templeman, Minister for Culture and the Arts spoke at the event on the importance of the initiative, recognising our history and providing new creative opportunities, “A project like this is an excellent response to the COVID recovery, embracing the arts and funding opportunities for early and mid-career filmmakers and engaging dozens of young creatives. It’s great to see the diversity in the offerings exploring a range of collection materials such as archival film, photographs, government documents from the State Record Office, and architectural plans and drawings to build these unique stories.”

State Library of Western Australia, acting CEO Susan McEwan said, “The role of the State Library is to collect, preserve and share Western Australia’s stories.  We have a fantastic collection but it is often hidden away so we are always exploring new ways for the public to access these stories.  We believe these short films will be seen by literally thousands of Western Australians across the State. They will form a collection that will be accessible by all, and that like everything the Library provides – they will be free.”

Screenwest CEO Willie Rowe was delighted by the breadth of stories and the creativity with which they have been interpreted, “These uniquely Western Australian stories have been reimagined by a talented group of Western Australian creatives, to share our stories with our community. The resulting projects are of extremely high calibre and will likely open up new opportunities for these filmmakers as they continue their careers. I’m again very thankful to the State Library for partnering with Screenwest on this initiative.”

Each film will also be presented through a series of free public screenings and panel discussions in the State Library Theatre, which will enable the topic of each film to be discussed at length by the filmmakers, historians and experts, regarding each film’s topic. These events will also offer the filmmakers an opportunity to reflect on how they were able to bring these stories to life through the medium of film.

The first public screening will be Thursday June 17 – Generation Hi-Fi, looks back at the legacy of the HiFi Club with legendary Colin Nichol and the cultural shift of the time that it represented in 1960s Perth.

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For further information and bookings for the subsequent screenings please see the State Library of Western Australia’s events and exhibitions and registration links below.

The films will be released on the State Library’s website after each screening.

Thursday July 8 – Murder on the Dance Floor

It’s 1925 and hundreds of people are dancing the foxtrot in Western Australia’s Government House, when BANG!  A gun goes off. People turn to see jilted fiancée, Audrey Jacobs, holding the pistol while standing over the bleeding body of her ex, Cyril Gidley.

What should have been an open and shut case proved to be a very different story.

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Thursday August 12 – That’s How it Goes I S’pose  

Two veteran photographers, Roger Garwood and Trish Aisnlie dust off their cameras to continue a project they first started 45 years ago; a project that speaks to WA’s history… and its future.

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Thursday September 9 – Reflections of Iwanoff

Using the plans and drawings of Australian architect Iwan Iwanoff, Reflections of Iwanoff through the medium of Virtual Reality brings to life the now demolished home of WA family Jack and Marcia Harrison. Renowned architectural historian, Stuart Harrison (ABC’s Restoration Australia), guides the viewer through the virtual Harrison House.

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Thursday October 14 – Rolling Through Time

Rolling Through Time is a short poetic documentary which will take the viewer between 2020 and the 1960s, as a skater fluidly moves through Perth and composited in the same shots is beautiful 16mm footage of the same location from the 1960s.

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About WA Reflections – Our History Rediscovered

The State Library of Western Australia, in partnership with Screenwest, will bring untold stories to life from the State Library of Western Australia’s archival collections, experiencing them through screen for the benefit of the community.

Five projects were funded, through the capacity building initiative, which will provide new opportunities for our community to see the depth and richness of the collection. Stories from Western Australia’s history, currently held within letters, diaries, journals, oral recordings and even blueprints, will be uncovered and explored through this exciting new initiative.


For more information on each project or to arrange an interview with Screenwest or any of the filmmakers, please contact:

Cassandra Jordan, Events, Sponsorships and Partnerships Specialist

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