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Screenwest Launches 2021 – 2024 Strategic Plan

Today, Screenwest launched its new strategic plan, which will drive the organisation and in-turn the Western Australian screen industry forward over the next three years.

The plan focuses on four strategic priorities to Lead, Promote, Support and Grow the Western Australian screen industry, and ensure it increases its Australian market-share of inbound production in addition to supporting the Screen Industry to deliver a huge stretch target of $150 million in production spend. This essentially means trebling the size and capacity of the screen industry in Western Australia, which is ambitious, but a target Screenwest believes is possible.

John Driscoll, Screenwest’s Board Chair and Willie Rowe, Screenwest’s CEO explained, “Since 2017, the Western Australian Screen Industry has experienced significant growth and Screenwest is now an established not-for-profit company with a dedicated and highly skilled team.

“The 2017 – 2021 Screenwest Strategic Plan outlined the priorities of sharing and encouraging engagement with Western Australian stories and creating a dynamic and professional agency. With those priorities largely achieved, the organisation is now in a position to provide support and strategic leadership to the Western Australian Screen Industry, which is on the cusp of exponential growth and potential.

“In an industry which experiences rapid evolution in technology, innovation and consumer behaviour, Screenwest has developed this new strategic plan to drive the organisation over the next three years. In 2021 – 2024, Screenwest will focus on supporting the growth and development of capability and capacity within the industry, in addition to championing inclusion and the continued development and delivery of strategic initiatives for First Nations filmmakers.

“Screenwest will also seek partnerships to establish new sources of funding and market opportunities for the Western Australian industry to attract global interest in Western Australian stories, storytellers, locations and culture.

“Demonstrating and communicating the value that the screen industry brings to the Western Australian economy and community will be key to the success of our strategic priorities.

“We sincerely thank members of the Western Australian Screen Industry and our partners for contributing to Screenwest’s strategic planning process and we look forward to working with you all to achieve these ambitious targets over the next three years.”

You can download a copy of the 2021-24 Screenwest Strategic plan “Leading the Way: A Growing and More Sustainable WA Screen Industry” on the Screenwest publications page.

We encourage you to reach out to members of the Industry Advisory Group if you have any feedback regarding the Strategic Plan, however you can always contact us via the details below if you have any questions.


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Posted 28 January 2021

Filed under media releases