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Mount Barker, Great Southern Region, Western Australia. Photo by Ian Brodie.


Screenwest Streamlines Regional Outcomes and Outputs (ROO) Process

In response to feedback from Western Australian Screen Producers and Regional Development Commissions, Screenwest has simplified the Regional Outcomes and Outputs forms and agreements in order to streamline the ROO process.

The ROO process is undertaken when a screen production receives support through the Western Australian Screen Fund. It is anticipated these changes will make it even easier for film productions to take place in regional Western Australia!

Screenwest would like to sincerely thank the Western Australian producers and our valued partners at the Regional Development Commissions who provided feedback on ways to improve the process for future productions. We look forward to continuing to work with you to deliver the best outcomes for the regions and support the success of productions filming in regional WA.


A Summary of Key Updates

  • ROO agreements have been reduced from 22 pages to just 7-8, with some conditions able to be included within Production Grant Agreements.
  • Screenwest has created two new ROO forms – A Single ROO and Multi ROO.
  • A Single ROO will be put in place for all drama productions and documentaries undertaking production within a single region.
  • The Multi ROO has been created for documentary productions filming across multiple regions which also have a standard set of non-negotiable outcomes for all regions where this ROO is in place.
  • Common Outputs & Outcomes are now listed in a guide on the Screenwest website for producers and Regional Development Commissions to jump-start discussions between the two parties.
  • ROO Reporting is now due no later than 4 weeks after the completion of principal photography and on delivery.
  • The new ROO forms and process will apply from Thursday, 19 November 2020 for all future projects that have not yet been through the assessment panel process.
  • All existing ROO agreements prior to Thursday, 19 November 2020 will remain in place.


More About the New ROO Forms

There are now two ROO forms, of which one will be completed, depending on the production.

  1. The Single ROO is used for documentary productions based in one region and all drama productions. If a drama production is set across multiple regions, they will need to complete a single ROO agreement for each region. The single ROO will still require negotiation between the Producer and the relevant Regional Development Commission.
  2. The Multi ROO is for documentary projects that take place across multiple regions where it is anticipated there will be shorter time spent in each region. The Multi ROO has a set number of non-negotiable outcomes which will need to be delivered to all regions.

You can download the new ROO forms and the Western Australian Screen Fund Guidelines here.


Program Contact

If you have any further questions regarding the ROO process or filming in Western Australia, please contact:

Gabrielle Cole
Production Attraction and Services Manager, Screenwest

T: +61 8 6169 2117


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