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REMINDER: Funding submissions automatically close at 5pm AWST through SmartyGrants

Screenwest is transitioning all of its funding applications through the SmartyGrants platform. Applications for any funding rounds rolled out through SmartyGrants grants management platform must be submitted through the application portal to be eligible for assessment.

Recently we have had a number of applicants miss out as they did not submit their application prior to the 5pm deadline. The 5pm deadline has not changed but has been reinforced due to SmartyGrants having automatic cut-off functionality.

For all funding rounds (excluding those that are open year-round) the SmartyGrants application portal will close off promptly at 5pm AWST!

This means that if you haven’t submitted your application before this time, late applications will not be accepted and your project will not be able to be assessed.

Keeping a 5pm deadline ties in with Screenwest business office hours, so someone is in the office will be here on hand to assist you should you need it!

So, if your project is the next Western Australian classic, or a ground-breaking, impactful or not to be passed up one, please allow the Screenwest funding team to assess your application by following these useful tips when using SmartyGrants!

  • There is an automated cut-off at 5pmAWST sharp! We recommend submitting your application a least 2 hours prior to the deadline to avoid last minute issues and stress!
  • You can start your application at any time once the portal opens and you can save and return to it at any time. Don’t start your application on the day it’s due! That’s definitely not enough time to submit a high-quality application.
  • Try to have your support material uploaded the day before the application deadline. Depending on your internet connection, and file sizes, your materials may take some time to upload.
  • Always save your application form after you have completed each page. If you are completing a question which requires a lot of detail, we recommend saving after or during the question.
  • Make sure you are only logged in on one browser at a time when working on your application form. Multiple log ins can sometimes mean your work remains unsaved and can be lost.
  • Once you have created your login and have logged in, you can download a PDF preview of the application form by linking the icon at the top of the form.
  • If you are having any trouble uploading documents, please ensure they meet the document size guidelines (maximum 25MB). If files cannot be compressed, please include a download link for any support material required.
  • If you accidentally press “submit” prematurely, please phone the Screenwest office on (08) 6169 2100 as soon as possible and we can help you.
  • If you are having any trouble with the application form, please contact the Screenwest office on (08) 6169 2100 as soon as possible and we can assist.
  • We’d love your feedback! If there is something that could make the process through SmartyGrants easier, we are keen to improve forms as much as we can.


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Posted 16 September 2020

Filed under funding