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The Fathering Project premieres on Sunday 12 July at 6:30pm AWST on ABC Compass.

The Fathering Project is a documentary produced by WA’s Alice Wolfe and Written, Directed and Edited by Josh Lee that communicates a personal story about what it means to be a father today and follows a group of men as they strive to overcome the cycle of negative parenting.

Set in Armadale, the documentary explores the reality of local children who have been raised in fractured families, often navigating domestic violence, poverty, addiction and mental illness.  It follows a group of fathers seeking to break the cycle as they take part in Australia’s first national preventative program The Fathering Project. A unique program that supports men on their journey to be better fathers.  Inspired by these men, Filmmaker Josh Lee decides to try and make peace with his own absent father.

Writer/Director Josh Lee explained, “Our filming attracted several men, who willingly shared their own fathering stories, flowing with tears. It was a powerful moment and became apparent from the outset, that we were entering a community with deep trauma and highlighting an issue that needed to be explored.”

He added, “My research had demonstrated that services for fathers were sadly lacking in Australia and I was beginning to see the impact of this firsthand.”

Screenwest Documentary Manager Paul Williams said, “Screenwest was pleased to support this project and we are delighted that it has found a broadcast opportunity with ABC Compass.”

He explained, “It will certainly hit home for a number of people and really highlight the impact positive parental support can have on the development of their children.”

Watch the trailer!

The Fathering Project premieres on Sunday 12 July at 6:30pm AWST on ABC Compass.

Developed with the assistance of Screen Australia. Developed and Produced with the assistance of Screenwest and Lotterywest.


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Posted 02 July 2020

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