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Image: The Fat of the Land. (C) LVF Visuals.

Screenwest is pleased to announce eight projects will receive development funding through the latest Documentary Development funding round.

The most recent Documentary Development round was exceptionally competitive, enabling a number of talented WA key creatives to explore a variety of complex topics.

The funding will assist the successful producers to develop their projects with further research, planning and writing, to get them ready for production.

Screenwest Documentary Manager Paul Williams said, “The calibre of projects we have seen through this funding round has been excellent. Screenwest looks forward to following the development of these projects.”

Screenwest CEO Wille Rowe explained, “The documentary sector has been the stalwart of the WA screen sector for many years and this has continued throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic. We are pleased to announce the recipients of this development round as we can now celebrate and look forward to more impressive work from this sector into the future.”

To find out more about the funded projects read on!

Documentary Development Investment Funding Recipients

Letters of Offer have been issued to the following projects.

The Fat of the Land

  • Format: 7 x 24 minute factual series
  • Production Company: LVF Visuals
  • Key Creatives: Producer Dr. Glen Stasiuk, Production Manager Shari Hutchison, Co-Producer/ Director/ Writer Todd Delfs

Synopsis: Respecting the future of Australia by working with its past.


Dolphins Are We Loving Them To Death?

  • Format: Documentary
  • Production Company: Sea Dog TV International
  • Key Creatives: Producer Jodie De Barros, Producer Leighton De Barros, Researcher: Bianca Uyen, Writer:  Leighton De Barros, Scientific Consultant Lars Bejder, PhD

Synopsis: Dolphins Are We Loving Them to Death is a ground-breaking investigative environmental film that explores the negative impact humans are having by our insatiable desire to interact with wild dolphins.


Outback Animal Rescue

  • Format: 6 x 50 minute factual series
  • Production Company: Mago Films
  • Key Creatives: Producer Marian Bartsch, Director Sam Field, Consultant Roger Power

Synopsis: Every day across the northwest of Australia, dozens of animals are found injured, sick or orphaned. The job of saving them falls to three hard-battling wildlife rescue organizations. Run by teams of intrepid wildlife carers, every life – no matter how sick or dangerous – is special. And it’s their mission to nurse animals back to health and release them safely into the wild.


Deep Sea Discovery

  • Format: 1 hour documentary series development
  • Production Company: A VAM Media and Terra Australis co-production
  • Key Creatives: Producer / Director / Writer Brendan Hutchens, Co-Producer / Co-Writer Johnny Debnam

Synopsis: A unique West Australian diving team make a once in a lifetime discovery sending them on a journey of incredible ocean discoveries.


Milliya Rumurra

  • Format: Feature Documentary
  • Production Company: Ramu Productions
  • Key Creatives: Producer Jodie Bell, Writer/Director Jub Clerc, Director Kimberly West, Writer Dot West

Synopsis: Milliya Rumurra looks at the history of the ground-breaking Indigenous play Bran Nue Dae and the restaging of the play in 2020 with a young cast and crew, many of whom are the descendants of the original line-up.


Arson Squad

  • Format: 8 x 45 minute factual series
  • Production Company: Periscope Pictures and Joined Up Films
  • Key Creatives: Director Sam Bodhi Field, Executive Producer Dan Brown, Executive Producer Jacqueline Willinge

Synopsis: As the fire-bug epidemic in Western Australia reaches crisis point threatening lives and homes, ride along with the overstretched Western Australian Police Arson Squad as they test out their bold new strategy – to catch arsonists in the act.


Wanggajarli Burugun

  • Format: Feature Documentary
  • Production Company: Ramu Productions
  • Key Creatives: Producer Jodie Bell, Director Kimberly West, Writer Dot West

Synopsis: The remains of Yawuru ancestors, taken as ‘objects’ in the nineteenth century by museums and collectors from around the world, are now coming home to be buried on country with dignity in this documentary, Wanggajarli Burugun (We are coming home).


Native Planet

  • Format: Documentary Series
  • Key Creatives: Producer/Series Producer Lisa Dupenois, Executive Producer Dan Brown, Writer/Director Anthony Barwell

Synopsis: Landmark series exploring how the future of our planet might depend not on scientists or politicians, but on the world’s Indigenous people.


Documentary Development Investment Fund

The Documentary Development Investment Fund is designed to support Western Australian companies and individuals by investing in the development of documentary and factual programming.

There are a minimum of two rounds per financial year. Successful applicants may be offered up to a maximum of $25,000 per application.

All program guidelines are to be read in conjunction with the Screenwest Terms of Trade.

More information on this fund is available on the development page of the Screenwest website.


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Posted 01 July 2020

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