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Screenwest relaunches the Crew & Services Directory

Screenwest is excited to announce updates to its Crew & Services Directory previously called the Screenwest Production Directory.

The aim of the relaunch is to ensure the directory remains as up to date and relevant as possible to promote Western Australia’s talented professional crew.  The directory is an easy way for producers to find crew and a useful tool for Screenwest when directing enquiries.

Key Changes

Eligibility updates

The eligibility criteria have been updated to cover the increase in web series productions. Crew must provide at least one paid, verifiable, broadcast or theatrically released production credit (film, television, commercial, animation, online or video game) for each category listed. Student, short films, amateur productions and web series other than those commissioned by a broadcaster are not applicable.

Reduction to the number of categories

The number of categories a person can be listed under has been reduced from five to three. The reduction of categories will mean that crew are encouraged only include credits relevant to their current work. You will still be able to upload a CV and link to your IMDB page to showcase all your credits.   In the transition users who have more than three credits will have had the last two listed removed. Credits that are linked to these categories will be flagged as invalid and will not display publicly.  We encourage all users to review their profile and update your credits to ensure you are showcasing the most relevant work. Profiles that aren’t updated regularly will expire

Expiry of profiles

Profiles that have not been updated within two years will automatically expire and no longer be seen by the public. The expiry date will ensure all listings on the directory are up to date and a current reflection of the crew in WA.  Screenwest has notified all users who have profiles that have automatically expired during the relaunch period via direct email.

Update to terms and conditions

The terms and conditions have also been updated, you can find the updated terms here.

How to Create A Profile

If you are a Crew Member, Production Company or Support Service Provider in Western Australia with at least one paid, verifiable, professional media industry credit, please create a free account here. Listee’s must be must be a Western Australian Resident or Company as defined in Screenwest Terms of Trade.

New and updated listings will be temporarily unavailable until they have been verified which can take up to 5-10 business days.

Can’t find a category that reflects your credit? Please email to request it be added.

Not eligible to be listed on the directory? You can still send your CV and Cover letter to Production Attraction & Services Manager Gabrielle Cole, who will pass it onto any productions looking for crew.

Crew & Services Directory Contact

For more information about the Crew & Services Directory please contact:

Gabrielle Cole, Production Attraction & Services Manager

T: + 61 8 6169 2117

Contact Screenwest

T: +61 8 6169 2100

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