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Experience Wild Butterfly in Selected Cinemas this March

WILD BUTTERFLY has its Australian cinematic release this March.

WILD BUTTERFLY is a feature length dramatised documentary that follows the story of 24-year-old Claire Murray and her desperate search for a life-saving liver transplant that became a trial by national media. The film explores child sexual violence and its relationship to ongoing trauma, mental health issues and drug use. It uncovers the hidden story behind a family’s tragic circumstances and opens our eyes to the impacts of social injustices and prejudices that could befall anyone.

The film is Shireen Narayanan’s (Inavision Films) first feature and foray into writing and directing drama, but the psychotherapist worked closely with the Murray family for over nine years to uncover and communicate the truth in this moving film. WILD BUTTERFLY is expertly co-produced by Celia Tait (Artemis Media) edited by Lawrie Silvestrin with the soundtrack composed by Michael Westlake.

“Claire Murray was unfairly and wrongly portrayed as an ungrateful addict who recklessly squandered her second chance at life by using drugs,” Shireen Narayanan said.

Narayanan added, “While she was clinging to life, caught in a media spotlight, it was simply too traumatic for Claire and her family to reveal the shocking, violent attack 12 years earlier that sparked her drug problems and mental health battles. Nor should it have been incumbent on them to do so.”

Celia Tait, Executive Producer of Artemis Media explained, “There are so many layers to this film as life, love trauma and desperation collide. To step inside Claire’s mind and world is revelatory and deeply moving and reminds us all what it is to be human.”

“Screenwest were pleased to be able to support the production of WILD BUTTERFLY as we believe it’s important to share Western Australian stories from a unique perspective. We hope the film will provide audiences with insights on what has been a traumatic experience for the Murray family,” explained Willie Rowe, CEO of Screenwest.

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About Shireen Narayanan and Inavision Films

Shireen Narayanan is an award-winning filmmaker and writer/director/producer and executive producer at Inavision Films. She is also a psychotherapist with 30 years of experience in adult/ child and adolescent mental health.


About Artemis Media

Artemis Media is a multi-award-winning production company telling great stories with passion, integrity and style.


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