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Enjoy these WA Screen Releases Now!

After a busy eighteen months of production, Western Australia is seeing a number of amazing screen releases hit cinemas, television and online. Here are some you can enjoy right now!

Daisy Axon (as Candice) with Wesley Pattern (as Douglas Benson), H is for Happiness – Photograph by David Dare Parker

H is for Happiness

Production credits: Produced with the assistance of Screen Australia, Screenwest and the West Australian Regional Film Fund, Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund, Film Victoria and Universal Pictures. Financed with the assistance of Bonsai Films, Cyan Films, LM Hoppe, Marshalls+Dent+Wilmoth, Soundfirm, Sandbox and The Koop

Key Creatives: Directed by John Sheedy. Julie Ryan (Producer), Tenille Kennedy (Producer), Lisa Hoppe (Writer/Producer) & Barry Jonsberg (Author of “My Life as an Alphabet”)

Key Cast: Starring Richard Roxburgh, Emma Booth, Joel Jackson and Deborah Mailman and introducing Daisy Axon (Candice Phee) and Wesley Patten (Douglas from Another Dimension), with Miriam Margoyles.

Release dates: In cinemas 6 February , 2020. Perth Festival Lotterywest Films Season 30 December 2019 – 5 January 2020 at Sommerville Auditorium. Selected for the Berlinale – Berlin International Film Festival as part of the Generation KPlus Programme.

A twelve-year-old girl with boundless optimism and a unique view of the world, is inspired by the strange new boy at school and sets out to mend her broken family – whatever it takes.

Go! Jack (William Lodder), Mandy (Anastasia Bampos) and Colin (Darius Amarfio-Jefferson) on Busselton Pier


Production credit: A See Pictures Production presented by Screen Australia in association with Screenwest and Lotterywest, The Western Australian Regional Film fund, Spectrum Films and Create NSW. Distributed by Roadshow.

Release date: 16 January 2020

Key creatives: Directed by Owen Trevor, written by Steve Worland, produced by Jamie Hilton and Sonia Borella (See Pictures)

Key cast: William Lodder, Anastasia Bampos, Darius Amarfio-Jefferson, Dany Wyllie, Cooper Van Grootel, Damian De Montemas, with Richard Roxburgh and Frances O’Connor.

Synopsis: Go! is a thrilling family film about a boy who must overcome tremendous odds and his own recklessness to achieve his dream of winning the National Go Kart Championship.

ITCH Cast in Albany. Photography by Nic Duncan.


Production credit: Itch is a Komixx Entertainment production for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Major production investment from Screen Australia in association with Screenwest, Lotterywest, and the Western Australian Regional Film Fund. Financed with support from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Key Creatives: 
Directed by Renee Webster & Nicholas Verso. Written by Dan Berlinka, Heather Wilson, Ron Elliott, Jessica Brookman,Roger Monk & Melanie Halsall. Produced by Amanda Morrison, Melanie Halsall & Tania Chambers. Based on the book “Itch” by Simon Mayo (Penguin Random House)

Key Cast: Samuel Ireland, Charles Russell, Melanie Wozniak, Kylah Day, Keala Kern, Harrison Popple, & Henry Mendez

Release dates: World Premiere – 31 December 2019 on ABC ME app as part of January BEST FEST. TV Premiere – Wednesday 15 January 2019 on ABC ME

Synopsis: When science obsessed Itch discovers a powerful new radioactive element, he’s forced to go on the run to protect it from a sinister organisation seeking to weaponise it.



Production credit: Produced by Weerianna Street Media with Principal Production Investment from SBS in association with Screenwest and Lotterywest.

Key Creatives: Director/producer Tyson Morawin, Producer Robyn Marais, Composer David Bridie, Cinematographer Torstein Dyrting ACS, Editor Regg Swarko, Sound Post Glenn Martin.

Key Cast: Sandy Allery

Release dates: 23 January, 2020 NITV. Now available on SBS On Demand.

Synopsis: A three week recording of a commissioned painting by an outstanding Pilbara artist, allery Sandy, is the focus of a wonderful long-form NITV experience titled Marni. A mesmerising marathon of colour and dot work is intercut with the majestic landscapes of the Pilbara to a journeying soundtrack. As she paints we hear Allery tell us about herself and her art practice in Yindjibarndi language.

Headshots of Alison, Maverick, Nelson and Eaton against a blue, pink and purple background

Alison Lockyer, Maverick Eaton, Nelson Coppin and Maxie Coppin. Photos by Stuart Campbell and Chynna Campbell © Sutu Eats Flies.

Future Dreaming

Production Credit: A Sutu Eats Flies Production produced in association with Screen Australia, Screenwest, NITV and Country Arts WA.

Key Creatives:
 Executive Producer and Writer/Director Sutu, Producer Robyn Marais, Co-producer Ali Lucker

Key Cast: 
Alison Lockyer, Maverick Eaton, Nelson Coppin and Maxie Coppin

Release date:
 27 January, 2020 on NITV. The Documentary is now available on SBS On Demand or on the SBS VR App.

Step into a time-warping dream bubble as four young Aboriginal Australians guide you through their futures. Be ready for an intergalactic adventure. Look out for the space emus!

A man and girl standing on a bush road looking tired and exasperated with a haphazardly parked pickup truck in the background.

Tim Minchin and Milly Alcock in UPRIGHT. Photo by Mark Rogers © Foxtel.


WA Production Company: Factor 30 Films

Production credit: A Lingo Pictures production for Foxtel and Sky UK, with major production investment from Foxtel, Sky UK, and Screen Australia in association with the South Australian Film Corporation. Financed with support from Create NSW and Screenwest. Rest of world sales by eOne.

Key creatives:

Release date: 1 December 2019. Stream all episodes on Foxtel

Synopsis: When family outcast Lucky Flynn learns his mother is dying, he decides to drive to the other side of Australia to see her, packing nothing but an upright piano for the journey. But his plans are soon turned upside down when he meets the runaway teenager Meg, who’s dealing with some family demons of her own.

Cast photo of KGB. Two men stand in the foreground wearing police lanyards. One has his arms crossed looking tough and confident. The other has a black eye and a cut lip and is holding up an open pair of handcuffs looking crestfallen. A group of other people stand behind them including a serious looking woman in a suit, a man in an orange jumpsuit, a pleasantly smiling woman in a sundress, and two detectives standing back to back holding up their guns.


Production Credit: KGB is a Mad Kids production for ABC. Principal production investment from Screenwest and Lotterywest, in association with Screen Australia.

Key creatives: Written by Dan Riches, Luke Riches, Joel Gray and Clare Toonen, directed by Dan Riches and Luke Riches, series produced by Taryne Laffar executive produced by Lauren Elliott and production company Mad Kids.

Key cast: Clarence Ryan, Bjorn Stewart, Genevieve Morris, Aaron McGrath, Mark Coles Smith and Jessie Phillips

Release date: 1 January 2019 ABC iView & YouTube

Synopsis: Set in Perth’s notorious KGB (Koondoola, Girrawheen, Balga) the series follows two rookie Indigenous detectives, tough guy Jack and gentle giant Nigel, as they deal with the chaos of their new jobs, no-nonsense boss, work rivals, drug dealers and suspects who consistently turn out to be family. Despite battling their own insecurities at every turn, and the fact that Jack bullied Nigel in high school, these two might just turn out to be KGB’s finest detectives.

Hero the dog as Koko looking intently at a scone in KOKO: A RED DOG STORY.

Hero as Koko looking at a scone in KOKO: A RED DOG STORY. Photo by Matsu Photography, Daniel Craig © Good Dog Enterprises Pty Ltd / Koko Story Film Productions Pty Ltd.

KOKO: A Red Dog Story

Production Credit: Screen Australia & Good Dog Distribution present, in association with Screenwest and Lotterywest, a Good Dog Enterprise and Woss Group Film Production. Distributed by Roadshow Films  

Key Creatives: Written and Directed by Dominic Pearce and Aaron McCann, Produced by Nelson Woss (RED DOG) and Lauren Brunswick (TOP KNOT DETECTIVE)

Key Cast & Appearances by: Jason Isaacs, Sarah Woods, Toby Truslove, Felix Williamson, Kriv Stenders, Carol Hobday & Koko

Release date: 5 December 2019. Available now for download on Google Play and Youtube.

Synopsis: An ordinary dog whose strange good fortune and innate ability to connect with people allow him to navigate his local community, the world of show dog competitions and eventually the film entertainment business, his rise to stardom and the ultimate legacy of helping other dogs in shelters.


Coming Soon


Production Credit: A WMBC Production

Key Creatives: Directed by Jeremy Sims, Written by Jules Duncan, Adapted from the original film ‘Hrútar’ (Rams) written by Grimur Hákonarson, Produced by Janelle Landers & Aidan O’Bryan. Australian Distributor Roadshow Films, International Sales Agent WestEnd Films.

Key Cast: Sam Neill, Michael Caton, Miranda Richardson, Wayne Blair, Asher Keddie, Leon Ford, Travis McMahon, Hayley McElhinney, Kipan Rothbury, Will McNeill and Asher Rasbincek

Release date: In Australian Cinemas on Thursday 28 May, 2020.

Synopsis: Brothers Colin and Les have been fighting for decades. Both are award-winning sheep farmers but when disaster strikes and disease threatens their flocks, will they be able to
work together to save their sheep, their legacy, and their community?


Dirt Music

Production Credit: Pelgo (Dirt Music) Pty Limited  Wildgaze Films (Dirt Music) Limited

Key Creatives: Directed by Gregor Jordan, Written by Jack Thorne, Produced by Angie Fielder  Finola Dwyer  Polly Staniford  Amanda Posey

Key Cast: Kelly MacDonald, Garrett Hedlund, David Wenham

Release date: TBC

Synopsis: Georgie Jutland is restless. Living with her cray fisherman boyfriend, a local hero in their coastal village, and trying her best to be a stepmother to his young sons, she finds herself out of place. She catches outsider Lu Fox poaching from her partner’s territory and the two are powerfully drawn to one another. But Lu is haunted by a tragic accident from his past, which had irrevocable consequences. In order to take control he feels he must separate from everyone, even Georgie, journeying to the remotest island. This is a film about the odds of breaking with the past, a love story about people stifled by grief or regret, whose dreams are lost and whose hopes have dried up. It’s a story about the possibility and power of love.