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Artwork by Emma Blyth

Bunuru Featured Creators on Yagan Square Digital Tower | February 2020

A new series of content from Western Australian creatives will premiere on Yagan Square Digital Tower in February for the Noongar Season Bunuru.



The Noongar Season ‘Bunuru’ runs from February to March and is represented by the colour orange. Bunuru is the hottest time of the year with little to no rain. Hot easterly winds continue with a cooling sea breeze most afternoons – if you’re close to the coast.

More information about the six Noongar seasons is available on the Kurongkurl Katitjin website, the Centre for Indigenous Australian Education and Research at Edith Cowan University.


Featured Content for Bunuru

New works launching on the Yagan Square Digital Tower this season include artworks from children’s author/illustrator Ian Mutch, captivating photography from Peter Adams-Shawn and vibrant paintings featuring Australian wildlife by Emma Blyth.

The Digital Tower is owned by Development WA with content managed by Screenwest.


Ian Mutch

A fun animation of colourful characters highlighting Perth life and culture.

Ig: @ianmutch


Emma Blyth

A collection of vibrant paintings of Australian wildlife, local landscapes and famous locations.

ig: emmablythart


Jessica Kerrison

Jessica creates digital illustrations from photographs in her own unique style.

Ig: jesskerrison


Brandon Porcaro

A stunning series of paintings that are equal parts romantic and introspective.


Peter Adams-Shawn

Combining breathtaking aerial photography with a playful hint of pareidolia, Peter presents a captivating showcase of marine life and coastal landscapes.


Lakshmy Radhakrishnan

Resin artist, Lakshmy Radhakrishnan creates deep and complex designs conjuring imagery of seascapes, space and nature.

ig: studiokoloor


Jatin Sanan

International student, Jatin Sanan showcases a bold and captivating painting


Darya Kazakova

Russian illustrator, Darya Kazakova shares a comic about two Dachshunds, Jack & Cody and their travels around Western Australia.

IG: 2_sos_age


George Wilkinson

With an eye, and hand for detail, George Wilkinson paints detailed and futuristic cityscapes.

IG: georgewilkinsoniii


About Yagan Square Digital Tower

Yagan Square Digital Tower is a unique circular screen at the heart of Yagan Square, highlighted on The New York Times’ list of 52 Places To Go In 2019.

The Digital Tower is owned by Development WA with content managed by Screenwest.

Find out more on the Development WA website.


Submitting Content

The full technical and stylistic guidelines are available to download on the Yagan Square Digital Tower Page of the Screenwest website.

Creators interested in submitting artwork for display on Yagan Square Digital Tower should contact:

Damien Blythe, Content Programmer/Producer


Contact Screenwest

T: +61 8 6169 2100

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