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Screenwest Announces Successful Projects from the Small Screen Development Initiative

Screenwest is pleased to announce the successful projects funded through the inaugural round of the Small Screen Scripted Development Investment Fund.

13 exciting new projects have been offered script development funding by Screenwest, which will provide new, emerging and experienced Western Australian storytellers the opportunity to get their scripted television or web projects ready for market.

Screenwest will make a total investment of $130,250 across this round’s Small Screen funded projects.

Franziska Wagenfeld, Screenwest Development and Production Executive, explained, “We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to this inaugural Small Screen funding round, and we are thrilled to be able to support some fantastic filmmakers, emerging and experienced. We look forward to working with the funding recipients on the development of their projects.”

Matthew Horrocks, Screenwest Head of Screen Investment and Strategic Projects, said, “Small Screen is a key initiative in a broader drive to generate more long-form projects out of WA. We were delighted by the number and the calibre of the applications. A total investment of $130,250 across 13 of them indicates just how seriously Screenwest is taking our commitment to WA stories, WA talent and WA IP.”

Continue reading for the full list of projects offered funding through the Small Screen funding round.


Small Screen Script Development Initiative Funded Projects
Stage 1


  • Production Company: Mary G Enterprises
  • Synopsis: A WOLF AMONGST THE DINGOES is a redemptive story that shines a light on how Aboriginal people come to terms with injustice.



  • Key creative: Umar Azad
  • Production company: Galactic Baby
  • Synopsis: After keeping his bogan Aussie lifestyle secret from his Muslim Pakistani family for 29 years, Umar’s world is turned upside down when his sister’s Australian fiancé, a fresh convert to Islam, proves to be the perfect Muslim son their parents never had. Umar is forced to confront his double life and ask himself the question – can he have the best of both worlds or is it easier to pick just one?



  • Production Company: Veerhuis Pictures
  • Synopsis: BUFFA is a comedic web-series that follows Josie’s search for meaning in a life without opera, 28 years young, stuck in a body that’s shattered her dreams.



  • Production Company: Cottesloe Films
  • Synopsis: When Loz returns to Perth to care for her mother with dementia, she is forced to join ‘group therapy’ to deal with her own problems.



  • Production Company: WBMC
  • Synopsis: When her brand-new music venture goes belly-up, twenty-something Gerri moves back to her small hometown to sell off the only thing that’s left – her Grandpa’s house. But when she can’t bring herself to stick her Pop in a home, Gerri decides to cover her debts by moving in with him, renting out the spare rooms, and turning the house into the cosiest (and cheapest) nursing home in town.



  • Production Company: Indian Pacific Pictures
  • Synopsis: The story of how a down-on-his-luck high flying New Yorker takes a year out and travels to regional Australia to clear his mind. After taking a job as a jackaroo he ends up caught in a people smuggling operation and uses his own wit and experience to take over the operation.



  • Production Company: Veerhuis Pictures
  • Synopsis: Desperate to have it all, the perfect relationship, career and family, an exhausted new mum wishes she could be in two places at once. When her wish comes true, she struggles to keep her second self out of trouble.



  • Production Company: Cottesloe Films
  • Synopsis: A young journalist must return home to uncover the lies, corruption and cover-ups surrounding the opioid poppies being grown in the remotest place on Earth, Tasmania – and while doing so solve the mystery of her brother’s untimely death.



  • Production Company: Miley Tunnecliffe
  • Synopsis: It’s THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SYDNEY meets THE OFFICE when the Catholic Church decides to allow a reality film crew to capture everyday goings on of a household of unsuspecting nuns.


Small Screen Script Development Initiative Funded Projects
Stage 2


  • Production Company: Komixx Entertainment
  • Synopsis: A series about the irresponsible millennial who’s now responsible for your food. DELIVER RUBY follows the loveable, carefree and highly irresponsible life of Ruby, a millennial who’s just moved out of her overbearing parent’s home and in with her fiery, heavily pregnant older sister Zoe.



  • Production Company: Factor 30 Films
  • Synopsis: Audrey Daniels is destined for Hollywood except that her aging mother is ensuring that she acts as the dutiful daughter before she can fulfil her dream.



  • Production Company: Galactic Baby
  • Synopsis: After a reckless accident, a misguided teenager is forced to endure the pitfalls of teen sex, rocky friendships and oppressive parents alongside a rag tag bunch of rebellious misfits on a hospital’s teen ward.



  • Production Company: Feisty Dame Productions
  • Synopsis: A brilliant but disgraced psychologist takes us on a journey to unexpected places in a community where people have things to hide.


About the Small Screen Development Initiative

Small Screen is a development initiative that offers new, emerging and experienced Western Australian storytellers the opportunity to get their scripted series ready for market.

The initiative is designed as a precursor to Screenwest’s Matched Development fund and is part of Screenwest’s overall strategic objective to increase the number of dramas and comedy series commissioned from Western Australia for the small screen (television, streaming service or web content).

The initiative has two stages/funding streams:

  • Stage One: Concept Development
  • Stage Two: Series Development


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