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Screenwest Update from Willie Rowe | September 2019

The latest Screenwest and WA Screen Industry news from Screenwest CEO Willie Rowe.

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Hi everyone and welcome to the September Update from Screenwest.

Last week was a fantastic week for us. CinefestOZ wrapped on Sunday night and it was just a delight to be able to report that H IS FOR HAPPINESS, a wonderful little feel-good film shot in Albany, won the $100,000 Best Film Prize against some fantastic, wonderful other projects, so we’re delighted for H.

The film’s not to be released yet, but when it comes out we’ll make sure that you know well and truly about it.

Other premieres that we had down at Cinefest included THE NAKED WANDERER…

WHALE SUPER HIGHWAY, which is a terrific documentary, STORM IN A TEACUP, other documentaries included WILD BUTTERFLY, and DARK WHISPERS, which is an Indigenous horror anthology.

THE HEIGHTS has started filming again for series two in the ABC studios here in East Perth.

It was an outstanding success and series two is looking to be even better and bigger. I urge you to keep an eye out for THE HEIGHTS when it comes to screen again. If you want to catch up on THE HEIGHTS series one, it’s available for binge-watching on iview and I really urge you to catch up on it, it’s a fantastic production.

Coming up on the 13th of September is the SBS Short Film Festival…

and there’s a number of fantastic shorts that will be showing on SBS over three nights. For us, we’ve got WA projects MOLLY AND CARA and TRIBUNAL. Again, keep an eye out for that on SBS On Demand and I urge you to have a look for the Western Australian productions.

You’ll be aware that we’re undertaking a review of our guidelines and Terms of Trade and this is a project that will be ongoing for quite some time.

Screenwest has gone out to industry through a survey, which is online and I urge you to complete that. That’s the first stage, only the first stage of this overall review and it’s to get a sense of what are the key issues that industry is interested in exploring more deeply when we go to the next stage which will be a far more in depth consultation with industry.

So I urge you to go online and to complete that survey. It’s quite straight-forward and quite easy, and deadlines have been extended for that until the 22nd of September.

Other than that, there’s lots going on in Screenwest and I urge you to keep an eye out on our socials and on our website to see what’s happening.

Willie Rowe
Screenwest CEO

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