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Guidelines Review Update and Survey Deadline Extension

Screenwest is committed to listening to and incorporating industry feedback and advice where possible. It is listening to industry that prompted the need to collect thoughts on some of Screenwest’s current guidelines and Terms of Trade.

Screenwest understands concern raised over the original timeframe provided to input feedback into the survey and as such have extended the survey deadline until Sunday, 22 September 2019.

To put some much-needed context behind the need for the survey:

The survey is the very first stage of an upcoming review process. This is to get a sense of and compile the general thoughts of the industry, whether through a collective approach, or from individuals within the industry. Going out widely and formally in a bid to collect initial feedback in one central point at this stage is for Screenwest to get a sense of the wider scope that may be required. It’s expected that feedback from this survey will help shape some discussion points and make industry consultation moving forward more guided.

There has been feedback from industry on the survey format itself. We agree – at first glance it does appear to be hard to navigate through. However, the survey applies skip logic to move you through it as quickly as possible, so you can only comment on the guidelines you wish to. Alternatively, you may choose to skip through all the guidelines and terms of trade entirely and just provide direct and open feedback – in any order, on any issue, on any topic – be as open and specific (or not), as you like! This is in the Further Feedback & About You section.

To clarify, this is the very first step at collecting industry thoughts and feedback. The longer-term review may or may not result in changes to existing guidelines and policies. We would also like to verify that there would never be any changes to key and long-standing policies without prior substantial and informed industry consultation, which will be informed, in this case, by the survey results.

Please submit all feedback through the Screenwest Guidelines Review Survey by Sunday, 22 September 2019.


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