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Screenwest Update from Willie Rowe | August 2019

The latest Screenwest and WA Screen Industry news from Screenwest CEO Willie Rowe.

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Hello, and welcome to the August Screenwest Update. I’m Willie Rowe, I’m the CEO. I’m delighted to be here again.

And as always, it’s a very exciting and busy time for us here at Screenwest.

We’ve just seen the launch of the CinefestOZ program for this forthcoming festival which is coming up at the end of the month

and it’s a really exciting program that’s coming through. There’re some fantastic Western Australian movies that are being released, including THE NAKED WANDERER, which is having its world premiere.

We have got H IS FOR HAPPINESS, which is a fantastic film that’s been shot down in the South West and the Great Southern in Western Australia, and GO! which was filmed in Busselton, and as you know CinefestOZ is down in Busselton.

We’ve also got the Industry Program, which we’re supporting with a number of interesting industry events, including a panel session with some New Zealand filmmakers who are coming across for CinefestOZ.

Also this month, we’re going to be launching our What’s In Production and our production funding outcomes on our website.

So, What’s In Production will include MYSTERY ROAD 2 and FAMILY RULES Series 3. You’ll get an understanding of what’s in production and what’s kept on going, and then we’re also going to be listing all of those projects that have received funding, so you’ll receive a funding round update, which will be on our website as well.

As you’re aware, we’re going through a complete review of our Terms of Trade, our guidelines

as part of the introduction of SmartyGrants, which is a project that we hope to have completed by the end of the year.

Keep an eye on the website and through the newsletter for an update on that project.

We’re looking for industry input into that and there will be the opportunity to have an initial online say and then we’ll be going back through to industry to have a more in-depth opportunities for input.

So, that’s a really important initiative for us in Screenwest, and I would urge you to participate in that project.

That’s it for now!

Willie Rowe
Screenwest CEO

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