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WA Screen Industry Diversity Leadership Group welcomes three new members

In June this year, the WA Screen Industry Diversity Leadership Group (DLG) completed its second year in an advisory capacity to Screenwest.

The DLG provides advice and feedback on the WA Screen Industry Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap, Screenwest’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion Plan and any diversity-related policy matters.

At their final meeting for the year, the DLG welcomed three new members following an Expression of Interest process.

Cassandra Nguyen, Jonathan Messer and Jodie De Barros joined Tania Chambers (Chair), Dot West, David Doyle and Tony Sarre on June 28 to celebrate 20-months of progress and achievement in the diversity space for the WA Screen Industry.

Chairperson, Tania Chambers OAM thanked outgoing members Joan Peters and Abdulrahim Elmi for their contribution and welcomed new members to the WA Screen Industry Diversity Leadership Group:

Our new Diversity Leadership Group members bring fresh perspectives and a commitment to improving opportunities for industry practitioners of diverse backgrounds. Some superb results have been seen in the WA screen sector to date. We are confident that diverse experiences will enrich the stories that reach audiences worldwide,” said Tania.


Cassandra Nguyen

Cassandra Nguyen is an emerging writer/director in the WA film industry. After graduating from Curtin University with a Bachelor’s in Screen Arts, she received funding from FTI for short films PLAY LUNCH and VISITING MUM. Cassandra has also assisted on various productions in numerous roles and has spent time working in the ABC, Channel 9 and Channel 7 newsrooms. She is currently a news studio director at the ABC and was recently awarded Elevate 30 funding for her next short film HOLD UP, which also received script mentorship funding under Screenwest’s General Diversity Fund.

Using the “West Australian Screen Industry Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap” as a guide, I believe that I can contribute to the vital conversations needed in order to foster a more inclusive and diverse WA screen industry. I am passionate about equality in all facets of screen craft and believe in working towards a more equitable industry where everyone can thrive. As an emerging, diverse practitioner I can offer my lived experience and perspective to the Diversity Leadership Group. It is my hope that the conversations facilitated by the DLG will lead to positive change and a more inclusive and diverse WA screen sector.

Cassandra Nguyen


Jodie De Barros

Jodie De Barros has worked as an executive producer, producer and production accountant in the screen industry for over 12 years.

Jodie is the joint owner and CEO of production company Sea Dog TV International, which produces high quality blue-chip documentaries. Seadog prides itself as an expert in the field of the unpredictable genre of natural history/wildlife filmmaking and observational style documentary.

As a person that identifies as having a physical disability, I have experienced many barriers to inclusion because of my physical inability. My physical inability acts as a barrier to be able to participate in everyday activities that most people take for granted.

I am very passionate about changing stereotypes and misconceptions around diversity. Through my own living and work experience in the film industry, I feel my contribution in this area will be of great value to the Diversity Leadership Group.

Jodie De Barros


Jonathan Messer

Jonathan Messer has a range of screen and community experience including working for the BBC as 2nd/3rd Assistant Director and as a Producer’s Assistant for Kennedy Marshall Production Company in California. His community experience includes Salvation Army Crisis Services and Windana Drug and Alcohol Recovery Centre.

Jonathan is completing his PhD (practice-led) in creative research at WAAPA. The title of Jonathon’s research is: Conceiving female to male gender transition through the creative practice of documentary filmmaking.

Jonathan is also a Finance Committee Member of Revelation Perth international Film Festival and currently serves as a Justice of the Peace.

I identify as a member of the LGBTIQ+ queer community and as a part of my PhD at WAAPA I directed and produced a 60-minute documentary with transgender men as collaborators and as subjects, which was sold to SBS called ‘Its Not Just Me’.

I have also just had my eye removed due to ocular cancer and am permanently vision impaired.

I look forward to seeing how I can further contribute to the WA Screen Diversity Leadership Group.

Jonathan Messer


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Posted 04 July 2019

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