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Update from Willie Rowe | May

The latest Screenwest and WA Screen Industry news from Screenwest CEO Willie Rowe.


Video Transcript

Hi! Welcome back to my update as CEO of Screenwest.

There’s been lots going on in the last month since we last spoke and there’s lots coming up.


At a national level…

Streaming service providers now qualify for the Australian Screen Industry Incentive Program, which gives them the opportunity to encourage them to access funding to produce their content in Australia. That includes a 30% incentive for post, digital and visual effects offset and a 16.5% location offset and location incentive for filming in Australia, which is a fantastic incentive.


Back home in WA…

Lots going on which is great to see.


Those are productions that are going to be hitting your screen progressively over the next few months and I urge you to look out for them.

We’ve got a batch of new projects coming into production soon and I’ll be able to tell you more about those as we move forward.


Heaps of screenings of WA projects at the moment!

We’ve got JUDAS COLLAR coming up, so keep an eye out for that. That will also allow you to interact with the camels that featured in that movie, which is a great opportunity.


Skills development is so important for us in the screen industry in Western Australia.

Screenwest does support lots of skills development programs. Most recently we’ve had a VR 101 Forum at the Backlot and we hosted Screen Australia to run its Enterprise workshop, which again was a terrific initiative and we had fantastic participation at both of those.

Keep an eye out for other skills development activities on our website. In May there’s a few coming up.


Last month we spoke about the Film Friendly Initiative which we launched, and that is now gathering pace.

We’re having a workshop in early May for the regional development commissions, and that’s just the first stage in rolling out that Film Friendly Initiative.

We’ll be going more broadly to local government authorities and other tourism authorities throughout the year.


Also, we’re seeing early outcomes of our Australia/Indonesia Fast Track program, which we are working on in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in Indonesia.

It’s picking up pace and I’m hoping to be able to tell you a little bit more about it over the next few months.

It’s a really exciting initiative that runs for three years and it’ll encourage co-production opportunities between Australian and Indonesian producers.


We’re also about to launch the second annual Brian Beaton Award very soon.

As you would all know, it recognises Brian Beaton as a leader in Western Australia’s film industry, who unfortunately passed a couple of years ago.

Stay tuned for more information on that and visit the Screenwest website if you’d like to donate some money to that award which goes to recognise outstanding production in Western Australia.


And don’t forget to tell us what’s going on in your world so we can tell the rest of the world what’s happening in the screen industry in Western Australia in particular.

You can go to our website and look for our calendar of events that you can provide updates to.


Also coming up soon: we’ve got the Revelation Film Festival and CinefestOZ.

They’re great opportunities and quite exciting for the industry in WA. The programs will be coming out very soon.

I look forward to catching up with you in the next month.


Willie Rowe
Screenwest CEO


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Posted 02 May 2019

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