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Screenwest is providing artists with the opportunity to display their bespoke artwork on Yagan Square Digital Tower, a unique platform in the heart of Perth City.

Artists are invited to submit artwork to digitally exhibit on Yagan Square Digital Tower. The artwork should be designed to complement Yagan Square’s round tower.

In return for providing Yagan Square with a 12-month non-exclusive license to display their work on the Digital Tower, artists can promote their website/social media handle to a public audience.


Artwork Requirements


Artwork must be supplied as a 1952px x 896px jpeg designed for screening on the circular screen

Artists can incorporate a banner in the piece, as per the reference image, to promote their name and website or social media handle.

Yagan Square Digital Tower credit example. Artwork by creggz and Bec Allen.

Yagan Square Digital Tower credit example. Artwork by creggz and Bec Allen.

Content Requirements

Submitted content must be suitable for screening in a public, government-owned space and meet the following criteria:

  • G-rating or equivalent
  • No swearing, violence, nudity, sexualised content or adult themes
  • No offensive, discriminatory, political or religious messaging
  • No commercial messaging


Stylistic Guidelines

Graphical content should have clean blacks, clean edges, simple colours and be corrected for the Digital Tower’s cool colour bias.

Note: Dark images are not visible during the day in direct sunlight.


Submitting Content

The full technical and stylistic guidelines are available to download on the Yagan Square Digital Tower Page of the Screenwest website.

Creators interested in submitting artwork for display on Yagan Square Digital Tower should contact:

Alana Swift, Content Programmer/Producer



About Yagan Square Digital Tower

The Digital Tower is a unique circular screen at the heart of Yagan Square, highlighted on The New York Times’ list of 52 Places To Go In 2019.

The tower is owned by the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority with the content managed by Screenwest.

The 45-metre high tower includes a large circular screen and 14 reeds, inspired by the bulrushes found at the lakes that once occupied the site. The number of reeds represents the 14 Noongar language groups.

On the giant screen, you can find anything from animation, to visual artworks, live-streamed events and community pieces.

Find out more on the MRA website.


Contact Screenwest

T: +61 8 6169 2100

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Posted 03 April 2019

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