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Off the back of the 2018 emerging sector review, Screenwest has launched a new podcast to ensure our new skills development opportunities are reaching the regions.

Screenwest Talent Development Manager Eva Di Blasio has been rolling out a series of workshops and in conversation style events, offering valuable resources to our emerging sector and industry practitioners.

To ensure these resources are available to regional practitioners as well, we will record as many of these events as possible and release them under our new podcast: In Conversation with Screenwest.

New episodes will be released each month, bringing you conversations with world-class film, television, documentary and digital media practitioners.

Get a behind the scenes look into the world of screen production as these industry insiders share their experiences, insights and expertise.

The first two episodes feature a conversation with director Luke Eve on how to make a successful web series.

Listen now at


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Posted 06 March 2019

Filed under podcast