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Bridie McKim plays the title role in Sofya Gollan’s short film, GIMPSEY – one of 12 films screening at THE OTHER FILM FESTIVAL in Fremantle this weekend.


About Bridie

Bridie was fortunate to meet the GIMPSEY Director through a family friend before being cast in the film’s title role. The experience of acting on GIMPSEY and working with Sofya inspired her to pursue acting.

“On set on GIMPSEY I was just so excited and I remember it was just the most excited I had been in my entire life!” says Bridie.

“Sofya is so proud and open about being a disabled woman, and she’s got an incredible background. She was probably the first disabled person ever to go through NIDA.”

Bridie McKim as the title character in Sofya Gollan’s short film, GIMPSEY

Bridie McKim as the title character in Sofya Gollan’s short film, GIMPSEY

Prior to meeting and working with Sofya, Bridie had never seen her disabled experience shown on screen.

“I think when you’re a young person and you’ve got a dream, you want someone you can aspire to be like and you also want to see what their career is and if you can do it to,” says Bridie.

“And to be honest I never found that person and because I never really found that person, I never saw my disabled experience on screen. So I just didn’t know it was an option.”

Bridie, recently in Perth to play Sabine in the ABC/Matchbox series, THE HEIGHTS, recalls “It was a dream come true working on that film (GIMSPEY) and realised this is something I can do!”

Following filming of GIMPSEY, Bridie asked her new mentor, Sofya for advice on how to continue acting and recalls her honest response: “Audition for a drama school. With that training and with that backing, people are more likely to take you a little bit seriously.”

Bridie took Sofya’s advice successfully auditioning for NIDA where she is currently completing her three-year training.



You can see Bridie McKim as GIMPSEY this weekend at THE OTHER FILM FESTIVAL on Saturday and Sunday at DADAA in Fremantle as part of the SUPERHUMAN TALES film program.

Warren Clarke, showrunner and writer on THE HEIGHTS, will also discuss AUTHENTIC CASTING on Saturday, 6 October during one of the festival’s panels.


SUPERHUMAN TALES Screening Details

The SUPERHUMAN TALES program will be screened at the following sessions:


SAT 6 OCT | Session 2 | 2:00pm  – 4:45pm

SUN 7 OCT | Session 6 | 6:00pm – 8:15pm

  • Gimpsey | 12 min
  • Aglaée | 20 min
  • The Left Foot Cinderella | 13 min
  • Fixed | 60 min

Book tickets:


Panel Details

SAT 6 OCT | Session 2 | 3:45pm – 4:45pm


Working towards a true representation of our society across all screens, the WA screen industry is beginning to join the international conversation around authentic casting.

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Posted 05 October 2018

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