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Warner Bros, The Black List, and Veerhuis Pictures have published the “Aussie List”, featuring the ten scripts short-listed for the Inaugural Australian Script Writing Opportunity.

Among the shortlisted scripts are two WA projects: 6 MILES by A.J. Carter and DIE WELL by Maziar Lahooti and Steven McCall.

Over 400 scripts were submitted to the opportunity during the opt-in period from 14 June to 13 September 2018.

Veerhuis Pictures said the short-listed scripts displayed an exceptional overall standard, with stories coming from many different genres and with writers coming from very diverse backgrounds.

The short-listed writers have entered the second phase of the opportunity and are eligible for consideration in a two-step blind deal with Warner Bros.

A number of the short-listed scripts for the Warner Bros / Veerhuis Pictures Australian Script Writing Opportunity will be available to view and / or download for industry members on the Black List website after logging in, along with thousands of other scripts hosted within the Black List database.

Interested industry members who do not already have an account on can apply for membership at

Read more about the shortlisted projects below.


The Aussie List – In No Particular Order

MARMALADE – Keir O’Donnell

In order to escape jail and reunite with the love of his life, a small-town simpleton narrates the colourful tale of a romantic bank heist to his cunning cellmate.


6 MILES – A.J. Carter

Taxi Driver for the Uber generation. A rideshare driver wrestling with his grasp on reality and disgusted by the shallowness of modern-day society drugs and kidnaps passengers so he can disseminate his own dark social justice.


DIE WELL – Maziar Lahooti and Steven McCall

An old and dying and retired crooked detective teams up with a young street level criminal to find his decades since exiled, and estranged son, to find some semblance of contrition before his time is up. DIE WELL was also a 2018 Nicholl Semi-Finalist.


SERPENTINE – Anya Beyersdorf

A minibus full of village girls on their way to a group wedding are kidnapped by Guerrillas to serve as “camp wives.



To save his career, an over-sexed footy star enters an experimental rehab facility but becomes trapped in a castle of machismo-draining lesbian vampires.


REDGUM – Addam Duke

To investigate the disappearance of his estranged brother, a rootless traveler must journey to Redgum, an insular town in the Australian mountains, where he unearths an ancient supernatural horror.


REYNOLDS’ CARGO – Carrie Anderson

As Singapore falls in WWII, Australian MI6 assassin, William Reynolds, teams with a Chinese insurgent to save a group of women and children set to perish at the hands of a barbaric Japanese commander. One of history’s great true stories, ‘Reynolds’ Cargo



On the opening night of the Sydney Festival, a cynical writer desperate to start a new life spends his last 24 hours in the city falling for the charms of a touring musician who teaches him how accept his past and love again. Adaptation of writer’s novel


ARI VS. RAJ – Miriam Rahimi-Cholensky

Ari, a bubble-gum vendor in Varanasi (India), goes on the mission to find his kidnapped sister in time before the World Cup cricket finals.


TWO DAMAGED – Kryz Woodhouse

A bitter wheelchair-bound war veteran saves a troubled teenage girl from a street fight. However, when she becomes determined to help him re-engage with the living, he suddenly can’t get her out of his life.


Reminder of Eligibility for The Australian Script Opportunity

Eligible writers must:

  • be at least 18 years old,
  • be either a legal Australian citizen or a permanent resident of Australia (with the intent to remain a resident) and
  • have received writing credits on no more than one feature film or up to three hours of broadcast television (or a combination of both).


More Information

For more information about The Australian Script Writing Opportunity, contact Veerhuis Pictures and The Black List.

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The Black List


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Posted 05 October 2018

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