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Following it’s 8 July premiere, THE KUNUNURRA KID is now available to stream on ABC iview.

The coming-of-age documentary series tells the story of Kununurra local Tom Forrest leaving his isolated home for a road trip filled with adventure and self-discovery.

Get to Know Tom Forrest

Since age 16, Tom has been without parental support living in the remote country town of Kununurra in The Kimberleys. His mum lives in Perth and his dad has been in and out of prison for his entire upbringing. As a result, it’s his grandpa, who lives 100km away in nearby Wyndham, that Tom turns to for support.

Since finishing high school, Tom’s been living without a fixed address and it’s left him questioning what exists beyond the town that he calls home.

He spent 2016 documenting his final year of high school for the self-shot documentary ABC Me series MY YEAR 12 LIFE. Because of his participation in that project, producer Karla Burt of Princess Pictures noticed Tom’s flair for storytelling. She saw the potential for a standalone series.

“Tom is a remarkable young man who challenges perceptions of young people,” said Ms Burt. “He reminds us that our lives are an adventure.”

“In order to capture his spirit, we wanted his self-motivation and curious mind to lead the story.

“A single producer who could double as a cameraman flew up to Kununurra. Together they started off on an adventure to help Tom discover more about himself and the world.”

Tom said working on THE KUNUNURRA KID has been a life-changing experience.

“I honestly can’t believe how much of an affect making this show has had on me,” Tom said. “I thought I might change a bit, but I had no idea I would change this much.”

“Every day I was pushed out of my comfort zone and that’s how I learnt so much about myself. The trip helped me understand other people more and how situations can be complex and not always a straight line,” he said.

Watch THE KUNUNURRA KID on iview now.