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Peter Farmer Jnr with his artwork ‘Kulbardi’

BARRBA WADBIRRA: JOURNEY TOGETHER premiered on NITV at 7:00pm on Monday, 9 July to celebrate the beginning of NAIDOC Week.

BARRBA WADBIRRA: JOURNEY TOGETHER is a labour of love, art and reconciliation. The half-hour documentary conveys the stories of seven Aboriginal artists from around Western Australia as they’re chosen for the BARRBA WADBIRRA: JOURNEY TOGETHER initiative.

As a part of NAIDOC Week 2017 the Western Australian Police Force adorned uniforms and police cars with Aboriginal artwork as part of a provocative reconciliation project between the WA Police and members of the Aboriginal community.

BARRBA WADBIRRA: JOURNEY TOGETHER tells the story of how two opposing symbols can be brought together to create new meaning and the possibility of change.

Writer/director Kimberley Benjamin said BARRBA WADBIRRA: JOURNEY TOGETHER was a difficult project to tackle.

“As an Indigenous filmmaker, I feel I have the responsibility to tell stories that are true and honest, without skimming over issues such as the ones discussed in the documentary,” said Ms Benjamin.

She added, “The project’s strength lies in the beauty and power of the artists’ individual stories and sharing that with the police force and the community at large.”

BARRBA WADBIRRA: JOURNEY TOGETHER will be available to stream on SBS on Demand following its broadcast on NITV.

Bonni Ingram with her artwork ‘Mangroves Whispering’

BARRBA WADBIRRA: JOURNEY TOGETHER is proudly produced by Metamorflix in association with NITV with the assistance of Screenwest, Lotterywest and the Government of Western Australian Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

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Image credits: Sabine Albers