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Screenwest announces its increased commitment to developing the local screen sector through a slate of skills development programs, activities and internal resources.

In response to the closure of FTI in 2017, Screenwest engaged an external consultant to undertake an extensive review into the programs and activities required to further develop the local emerging screen sector.

The Review involved consultation with more than 330 individuals from a cross section of the industry and related fields. The process involved two workshop days, an online survey and a number of group interview sessions.

The Screenwest Board and Industry Advisory Group (IAG) have endorsed a number of key recommendations to be actioned immediately. These include:

  • Screenwest to become the central hub for advice to the emerging sector, the organisation will do this through the recruitment of a Talent Development Executive
  • The Talent Development Executive will develop and deliver development opportunities and screen production initiatives (inclusive of attachments, mentorships, Professional in Residence and travel support programs)
  • Continued commitment to the West Coast Visions Initiative, On Demand Fund and Elevate Short Form Development and Production Initiative, all aimed at developing local creative talent
  • Ongoing delivery of Screenwest’s Year-long bespoke talent development programs for local Writers, Directors and Producers
  • Screenwest to deliver an annual industry celebration – a modified version for the traditional WA Screen Awards (Details of this year’s event will be announced in upcoming weeks)
  • Screenwest to develop and deliver a new Skills Development Fund that seeks applications for Industry Organisations, Guilds or Production Companies to deliver workshops and opportunities for developing talent in WA. Guidelines for this fund will be launched shortly
  • Screenwest Board and management have committed to further exploring how the organization can better support local games and VR practitioners and will strive to secure future partnerships with national and international distributors and leverage innovative funding

Screenwest Chair Janelle Marr said there was capacity to implement many of the key recommendations by year-end.

“Identifying, developing and supporting new talent continues to be a focus for our organisation and we are thrilled to be taking proactive steps in this area,” said Ms Marr.

“We are focused on supporting emerging talent to ensure a sustainable, local industry that delivers world class skills and ensures pathways for future projects.”

Screenwest CEO Seph McKenna added, “This report identifies a clear list of priorities and recommendations that support the growth of a vibrant local industry.”

Screenwest Board and Management continue to work towards delivering many of the other recommendations detailed in the report and will communicate these to all stakeholders as they are endorsed and funding permits approved.

Please note that there was wide diversity of opinions captured during the consultation period and although the report comments on those most frequently mentioned, these opinions are not shared by all.