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Peter Greste explores Sir John Monash in MONASH AND ME. Image courtesy of Artemis Media.

Two part documentary series, MONASH AND ME: Peter Greste on Australia’s Greatest Commander premieres Tuesday, 24 April at 8:30pm on ABC.

The series celebrates the life and legend of Sir John Monash, one of Australia’s most celebrated generals, and delves a little deeper into the man behind the myth.

Series Executive Producer and Managing Director of Artemis Media Celia Tait described Peter Greste as part detective, part military analyst as he unearths Monash’s private letters, diary entries and unit histories. She said that the Walkley award-winning investigative journalist and war correspondent brings a “fresh, modern investigative approach” to Monash’s story and experiences in World War I.

“As Peter gets to know Monash, the audience learns with him – and in so doing, they get to know Peter in a new way,” said Tait.

“Not only does Peter Greste delve into Monash’s archive, but he explores his own personal connection to the war through uncovering his own family history. The fact that Peter has a personal connection to the Monash story enables us to bring a strong, emotional character driven approach to the material.”

Series Writer Director Victoria Midwinter Pitt (AFGHANISTAN: INSIDE AUSTRALIA’S WAR, SURVIVING MUMBAI, LEAKY BOAT) said Monash’s story was a gift to tell.

“Monash’s German roots and the doubts and barbs he suffered because of them open important doors in this documentary about that fundamental question of war – who is and is not an enemy?” said Pitt.

“We celebrate Monash’s phenomenal genius and skill, and the equally phenomenal courage and resilience of his men. We mark too the savagery and damage that none of them escaped, that they suffered, that they inflicted, and that they carried home.”

MONASH AND ME was produced by Artemis Media and ABC with the assistance of Screenwest and Lotterywest.

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Interview with Peter Greste, host of MONASH AND ME

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Praise for MONASH AND ME: Peter Greste on Australia’s Greatest Commander

“It’s handsomely assembled and thoughtfully produced… this admirable production contemplates the cost of war and the high price of victory.”
Debi Enker, Sydney Morning Herald, 16 April 2018

“Victoria Midwinter Pitt is one of the best documentary makers in Australia and she nails it again here with this superb two-part series fronted by Peter Greste and exploring the life and legacy or General Sir John Monash.”
Melinda Houston, Sydney Morning Herald, 22 April 2018

“Greste makes a warm host, striking the right balance between the personal and historical (4 Stars).”
The Age, 22 April 2018