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Experienced VFX artist, Steve Vojkovic, will be the March Professional in Residence, a program, now managed by Walker Films, which is part of Screenwest’s commitment to ensuring that skills development opportunities previously administered through the Film and Television Institute (FTI), remain available to the emerging sector in Western Australia.

Steve has worked throughout Australia, Asia and the USA with credits on blockbusters including KING KONG, THE AMITYVILLE HORROR, DÉJÀ VU and THE SHALLOWS.

Steve can provide you with advice on:

  • Starting a career in VFX
  • Budgeting for VFX
  • Using VFX in shorts and low budget films

Filmmakers are invited to meet with Steve, in time slots of up to 40 minutes, during the session times below.

All meetings will be held at Steve’s facility, Boogie Monster at 8/50 Oxford Close, West Leederville not Fielder St Creative, where the Professional in Residence program usually takes place.

Meetings are free and confidential.



Thursday, 1 March  8.30am, 9.10am, 9.50am, 10.50am, 11.30am

Wednesday, 7 March  8.30am, 9.10am, 9.50am, 10.50am, 11.30am

Thursday, 15 March  8.30am, 9.10am, 9.50am, 10.50am, 11.30am

Wednesday, 21 March  8.30am, 9.10am, 9.50am, 10.50am, 11.30am


To request a meeting:

To request a meeting with Steve, email Tom Baskerville at

Please include in the subject heading: Steve Vojkovic Prof Resid YOUR SURNAME

Include in your request:

  • A minimum of 2 preferred times, and if you have flexibility in the dates
  • A contact phone number
  • A brief background on what you want to discuss

A bit about Steve:

“Let’s just fix it in post… is a line that’s way overused and generally incorrect in the world of VFX,” says Steve Vojkovic, VFX supervisor and artist.

Steve has over 25-years experience in post-production for TV and film specialising in finishing and VFX. Beginning with his grounding at a number of local broadcasters and post facilities, he then headed to Singapore to work as a technical product specialist with major software creator, Autodesk, travelling around the world and offering his insights on VFX solutions and digital workflows to various film and post companies. However, his creative juices beckoned and thus landed himself in Los Angeles working with Asylum Visual Effects on high end TV commercials for Coke, Chevrolet and Nike through to VFX-filled feature films. Steve returned to Perth in 2008 and not long after opened Boogie Monster, specialising in finishing, including grading, titles and VFX.

Steve will offer his insights from working on $200 million dollar blockbusters filled with over the top “make it or break it” VFX to the slightly less complicated shots on local short fims and the challenges that come with working alongside small budgets and VFX.

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Posted 21 February

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