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Join the hunt in the new Discovery Channel series, OUTBACK OPAL HUNTERS, where the world’s toughest treasure hunters travel to some of Australia’s harshest and most remote landscapes endeavouring to strike it rich on their quest for the ultimate Queen of Gems, the Opal.  The series kicks off Thursday, 8 February at 5:30pm WST.

Rookie Miners Justin Lang and Daniel Becker in Coober Pedy. Image copyright Prospero Productions.

The eight-part treasure hunt is a rollercoaster of hope and heartbreak as the deep inside world of opal mining is revealed.

Worldwide demand has soared resulting in opal prices sky rocketing, making opals one of the most valuable gemstones on the market. A single stone can be worth millions of dollars and over 90% of it comes from just one place on the planet: the remote Australian Outback.

Pushing their bodies and bank accounts to the limit, the crews of OUTBACK OPAL HUNTERS tunnel through the scorched ground, battle relentless heat, face deadly snakes and spiders – prepared to pay the ultimate price to hunt for the ultimate reward.

OUTBACK OPAL HUNTERS was developed and produced in Western Australia by Prospero Productions with the assistance of Screenwest and Lotterywest.