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As announced on 13 December 2017, Screenwest is embarking on a review of the programs, services and opportunities available to emerging screen sector practitioners in Western Australia.

In the absence of the Film & Television Institute (FTI), Screenwest is committed to ensuring strategic career development pathways are available and accessible to those wishing to embark on a career in the screen sector.

Industry forums

The review will commence with two industry forums being held Thursday, 1 February and Friday, 2 February 2018 at North Metropolitan TAFE, Greenskills Building. 140 Royal Street East Perth.

Screenwest is taking expressions of interest from members of the screen industry to participate in a conversation process, aimed at understanding the issues facing emerging industry professionals in Western Australia.

The process requires participants to openly partake in an extended dialogue, listen to insights, and engage in developing and prioritising creative solutions.

These forums will differ from previous structures used by Screenwest.  They will involve a sequence of questions that explore the core issue through a structured discussion.  Each participant will be given an opportunity to speak, listen, and observe conversations within the ‘rules of the game’.  This structure will allow everyone to engage equally and contribute to the conversation.

The result of this facilitated, structured and conversational process will be active involvement of all participants and a comprehensive contribution to the vibrant future of the emerging screen sector in Western Australia.

How to express your interest

Interested members of the screen industry must email by Thursday, 18 January 2018 at 5:00pm WST with:

  • Full Name;
  • Gender (you may say ‘prefer not to answer’);
  • Age bracket (18-24, 25-34, 35-44, 45-54, 55-64 or 65+);
  • Current role in the screen industry; and
  • Which forum you can attend (Thursday, 1 February or Friday, 2 February).

Your expression of interest indicates your commitment to attend the entire forum.  The forums will run from 9:30am – 2:30pm on each day and include refreshments and a catered lunch break.

Spaces are limited, and Screenwest’s selections will attempt to ensure that there are representatives from a diverse range of fields and demographics at each forum.   Screenwest may request further information to ascertain this.

Screenwest will provide confirmation of your selection as soon as possible.  Those not selected will also receive notification.

The forums will be facilitated by Colquhoun Arts Management.

If you miss this opportunity, there will be an online survey seeking your input distributed separately, via Screenwest’s e-Newsletter and announced on Screenwest’s Facebook after the forums have completed.

For further information, please contact Wendy Simmons, Screenwest Development Coordinator on 08 6169 2113 or

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Posted 11 January 2018

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