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In January 2018 Screenwest will embark on a review of the programs, services and opportunities available to emerging screen sector practitioners in Western Australia.

In the absence of the Film & Television Institute (FTI) Screenwest is committed to ensuring strategic career development pathways are available and accessible to those wishing to embark on a career in the screen sector.

The review will also seek feedback from industry on the future of the WA Screen Awards.

The appointment of an independent consultant will assist Screenwest in this review process and will ensure a rigorous and objective approach.

The review will kick off with an open industry forum followed by an online survey and a series of one on one focus groups. The consultation period will all occur within the month of February 2018 with the open industry forum slated for Thursday, 1 February 2018.

Stay tuned to Screenwest’s e-newsletter, Facebook and Twitter for the time and location as well as survey information.

A document outlining the key findings and recommendations will be made available to the public upon completion of the consultation work.

The key findings and recommendations will be used by Screenwest in the identification, prioritisation and delivery of programs, funding opportunities and services for the emerging screen sector into the future.