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Set a reminder because the highly sought after bookings go live for Ready, Steady, Pitch! and Roundtables at the 2017 SCREEN FOREVER Conference at 9:00am WST Friday, 3 November.

All registered delegates will be notified via email by WALDRON SMITH Management with instructions on ‘how to book’.

At this year’s conference, SPA Connect’s International (IPM) and Domestic Partnership Markets (DPM) are broader and more dynamic than ever.

Ready, Steady, Pitch! and Roundtables are both running a significantly higher number of tables and opportunities across both the IPM and DPM, providing many more chances to meet and connect with our domestic and international guests.

SCREEN FOREVER have released the list of industry professionals participating in  Ready, Steady, Pitch! and the Roundtables webpages allowing delegates to research and fine tune their meeting priorities.

The industry professionals will be on the lookout for outstanding new ideas, scripts, formats and co-production opportunities.  The sessions also provide an opportunity to hear expertise on distributing and sales, business models, financing and agency support programs.

You must be registered for SCREEN FOREVER to book in for Ready, Steady, Pitch! and Roundtables.

These sessions will book out quickly, so make sure you’re registered for SCREEN FOREVER before bookings open.

SCREEN FOREVER runs from 14 -16 November in Melbourne.

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Posted 01 November

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