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Australia is shaped by waves of migration, and SECRETS OF OUR CITIES, hosted by Greig Pickhaver AKA HG Nelson, explores the impact and the histories of people who’ve come across the seas to share in our boundless plains.

The series is produced by Joined Up Films and visits the iconic cities of Fremantle, Fitzroy and Bondi in search of the people who made these areas their new homes.

Director Steve Peddie said: “I’ve lived on Fremantle’s doorstep my whole life but only in making this film have I come to discover its extraordinary story. After all these years, it has been a surprising and enlightening experience to stop and truly look at streets I’ve walked down a thousand times without really seeing, to question ‘how did that get there?’, and ‘who were the people who lived here?’”

“But it’s the people who have really shaped this place. From the first inhabitants, the Noongar people, to all those who have followed; the many and varied souls who have migrated here, for many and varied reasons. Their stories and experiences woven together are the fabric of this place – all adding layers to the rich and complex character that is the city of Fremantle.”

The series is directed by Steve Peddie and Darren Hutchinson, with executive producers Jacqueline Willinge, Anthony Willinge and Dan Brown and series producers Dan Brown and Josh Whitehead.

Episode one of SECRETS OF OUR CITIES heads to Fitzroy on Tuesday, 26 September 7:30pm on SBS, before heading to Bondi on Tuesday, 3 October and Fremantle on Tuesday, 10 October.

SECRETS OF OUR CITIES is proudly supported by Screenwest and Lotterywest.