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Screenwest is midway through a review of its Production and Business funding programs.  Revised draft guidelines were released to the industry for comment in April and feedback was obtained through a comprehensive survey followed by discussion with industry, and also with the Industry Advisory Group (IAG).

Following the consultation process, the Screenwest Board agreed at its August meeting to not proceed with the proposed new guidelines which were a major change from the existing system, and instead to refine the current Production Fund guidelines to more closely reflect the Screenwest Strategic Plan 2016-2021 and its focus on Western Australian story and content.

The new revised guidelines will be considered by the IAG and Screenwest Board later this year.

Production Investment Fund

In 2017-18, Production Investment funding has been allocated to:

  • 8 factual productions totalling $2.55 million
  • 4 drama productions totalling $2.05 million.

The 2017-18 budget for Production Investment is now almost fully committed and we are evaluating when the next round will be.  It is anticipated to be early 2018 when further funding is available due to previous commitments lapsing or re-allocation of funds as part of the Mid-Year Budget Review.

Now that Screenwest is an independent not-for-profit organisation, Screenwest is also exploring options to increase the pool of  funds available such as other government and non-government funding streams.

In recent rounds, Screenwest has received high level, quality applications.  This shows the strength of the local industry but does make it more competitive for Screenwest funding support.  As identified in the funding guidelines, and has always been the case, production funding is limited and not all projects that meet the eligibility criteria will be successful.

For production funding queries, please contact:

Fiction – Cristina Pozzan on 08 6169 2118 or email

Factual – Nathan Gibbs on 08 6169 2116 or email