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Screenwest is delighted to announce the six successful projects for the 2017 Elevate program.

Rikki Lea Bestall, Screenwest Head of Development and Production, said Elevate is one of Screenwest’s prime initiatives to develop the creative and technical filmmaking skills of early to mid-career Western Australian filmmakers.

“Elevate provides the teams with the opportunity to hone their skills on a scripted short film or web series, that results in a calling-card to further their career,” she said.

“Not surprising it was a very competitive round with nearly 60 applications received across the two strands of the initiative.

“The external assessors were impressed by the diverse and ambitious concepts and quality of the applications.

“We congratulate the successful teams and look forward to their projects being realised and finding audiences around the world.”

Elevate 30

For filmmakers that have completed at least one quality short-form project. Up to $30,000 each for projects 5-10 minutes in duration.

Writer: David Vincent Smith
Director: Sam Lara
Producer: Jessica Parker (No Labels Media)

Writer/Director: Gary Hamaguchi
Producer: Jodie Bell (Ramu)

SINGLE LADIES RADIO (online series)          
Writer: Aaron Moss
Directors: Mimi Helm, Gemma Hall, Jacqueline Pelczar
Producer: Joshua Gilbert

Elevate 70

For more advanced filmmakers with a solid track-record in short-form filmmaking or equivalent. Up to $70,000 each for projects between 10-15 minutes in duration.

Writer/Director: Alison James
Producer: Brooke Silcox (No Thing Productions)

LIFT  (online series)
Writers: Lucy Durack, Jess Murray, Leon Murray (Platinum Lining)
Director: Zoe Pepper
Producer: Lauren Elliott (Mad Kids)

Writer: Seth Armstrong
Director: Kelli Cross
Producer: Stephanie Davis, Danielle Reston