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First Row L-R Abdulrahim Elmi, David Doyle & Dot West. Second Row Joan Peters & Tanya Chambers

The Western Australian Screen Industry Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Group recently convened for the first time, embarking on their important role in leading and shaping the industry’s approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.

The Leadership Group has been assembled to represent a cross section of the screen industry and those who represent and/or have had direct experience in implementing diversity and can bring their experience and knowledge to Screenwest and the industry.

The Leadership Group members are:

  • Abdulrahim Elmi, Founder Roots TV
  • David Doyle, Executive Director DADAA
  • Dot West, Scriptwriter
  • Joan Peters, Beach St Entertainment Law and Executive Production
  • Tania Chambers, Producer, ​Vice President Screen Producers Australia

The Leadership Group will:

  • Provide strategic context across the industry as they adopt their own actions.
  • Promote and champion the WA Screen Industry Diversity and Inclusion Roadmap throughout their networks and seek feedback.
  • Oversee and monitor the industry performance and assess how data is captured and processed.
  • Inform the Screenwest Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan development process.
  • Inform the Screenwest Diversity Fund development process.
  • Inform the existing Screenwest funding guidelines when Screenwest undertakes review of them.

The Leadership Group will also be available by request to screen industry organisations who are looking for guidance in creating their own diversity policies and actions.

If you have any questions regarding the Leadership Group, please contact:
Tamara Bardas, Senior Marketing and Partnerships Coordinator Screenwest

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