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Campaign Monitor Screenwest LogoScreenwest formally became an independent not-for-profit organisation today.

The organisation’s registered business name is Screenwest (Australia) Ltd.

Screenwest Board Chair Janelle Marr welcomed this significant step in Screenwest’s life.

“We are no longer an incorporated association within the Department of Culture and the Arts.  As of today, we are an independent Company Limited By Guarantee, responsible for our own governance and strategic direction,” she said.

“Structural reform has been on Screenwest’s agenda for many years. I am delighted that we have been able to deliver on a new structure that will enable Screenwest to be more flexible in its operations. It will now be easier for us to partner with the business community, Federal departments and not-for-profit and philanthropic organisations.”

“Screenwest (Australia) Ltd is governed by a new constitution.  This has a similar remit to the previous constitution, with updates that reflect the change in structure, changes in technology, and our independence with the removal of references to the Minister.  The constitution includes the terms of appointment of the Board of Directors and the Screen Industry Advisory Group (IAG).

The Screenwest (Australia) Ltd Constitution can be read here.

Screenwest staff remain the same, although some roles have been revised and titles adjusted accordingly.  A list of Screenwest staff is available here.

“The past 12-months have been extremely busy for Screenwest, with a move to the ABC building, undertaking the structural transition, leading the development of the industry strategy for diversity and inclusion, introducing the WA Regional Film Fund, and preparing to take on responsibility for the emerging sector following the consolidation of FTI into Screenwest,” Marr said.

“I thank the Board for their significant contribution in providing oversight, guidance and support to the team.  The board has been heavily involved in the transition, and I thank each member for their valuable input over the past 12 months.

I also thank Chief Executive Officer Ian Booth and management Rikki Lee Bestall and Nadine Redmond for their ongoing leadership and drive, and all the staff at Screenwest for their hard work and dedication. Everyone has gone above and beyond.

“I would also like to acknowledge the support of Duncan Ord, Director General DCA for his guidance and support, and that of the many DCA staff who have assisted with the practicalities of the structural change.”