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Interview with Croydon Station manager at Sun Thalu site. Photograph by Robyn Marais

Interview with Croydon Station manager at Sun Thalu site. Photograph by Robyn Marais

CONNECTION TO COUNTRY follows the Indigenous people of the Western Australian Pilbara’s battle to preserve Australia’s 60,000-year-old cultural heritage from the ravages of a booming mining industry.

Directed by Ngarluma man, Tyson Mowarin, and produced by Weerianna Street Media, CONNECTION TO COUNTRY will air as part of the “You Are Here” series of documentaries on NITV and SBS which explores the place of Indigenous people in Australia today.

“CONNECTION TO COUNTRY is about Aboriginal Heritage in Western Australia, it’s about the unbroken connection to country that is still surviving today as much as it was 60,000 years ago when, in the words of the old people, ‘the world was soft’,” said Mowarin.

“The audience will also experience the country through the eyes and ears of the Spirit of the Country. She is a character in her own story because we believe she is very much alive and we treat her with the same respect as we do our mother.”

The Burrup Peninsula (or Murujuga) sits within Ngarluma country and is host to the largest concentration of rock art in the world, dating back over 60,000 years. It’s a dramatic and ancient landscape so sacred that some parts shouldn’t be looked upon at all, except by Traditional Owners.

CONNECTION TO COUNTRY shows the waves of industrialisation and development that threaten sites all over the region, and how Mowarin and the people of the Pilbara are fighting back by documenting the rock art, recording sacred sites and battling to get their unique cultural heritage recognised, recorded and celebrated.

CONNECTION TO COUNTRY airs Sunday, 6 August at 8:30pm on NITV, 9:30pm on SBS.

For those in the Pilbara region, there will be a special preview screening open to the community on Friday, 4 August at the Ngurin Cultural Centre in Roebourne starting at 6:00pm.  The screening will be preceded by cultural dancing and food.  For more information please contact Robyn Marais of Weerianna Street Media on

CONNECTION TO COUNTRY screened in competition for the Australian documentary prize at Sydney Film Festival last month.

The documentary is proudly supported by Screenwest and Lotterywest.

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