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Screenwest is on track to become a not-for-profit organisation in July and has announced an important step – the appointment of the inaugural Industry Advisory Group (IAG).

The IAG will play a key role in advising the Screenwest Ltd Board of Directors on screen industry matters, including emerging issues and trends, feedback on Screenwest programs and reviews, and investigating and exploring pertinent matters,

Janelle Marr, Chair Screenwest said “The interest in joining the IAG was very high. We received a large number of strong applications and were able to appoint an IAG membership that provides extensive representation of the sectoracross the areas of drama, documentary and digital; key creatives, crew and post-production; and Indigenous, emerging, regional and gender.

“I thank everyone who submitted an application.”

The inaugural IAG members appointed for a two year period are:

  • Dot West
  • John Fairhead
  • Joshua Gilbert
  • Julia Redwood
  • Justin McArdle
  • Ray Pedretti
  • Renee Webster
  • Ric Curtin
  • Sue Taylor
  • Tania Chambers
  • Chris Holman, Screenwest Board director.

The IAG will meet at least quarterly and will provide an important link and flow of information between the Board and the Western Australian Screen Industry.

“It is a busy and important 12-months ahead,” Mrs Marr said.  “The Screenwest Board looks forward to working with the IAG members.”