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IMAGE CAPTION: Grant Wellington musters cattle on Myroodah Station, Western Australia. Photograph courtesy of Prospero Productions

OUTBACK PILOTS enters the extreme world of the “bush pilots” who risk their lives to help remote farmers, industries and communities spread across the vast wilderness of the Australian outback.

Produced by Fremantle’s Prospero Productions, the series is filmed in remote areas where some jobs can only be completed by the air.

Series producer Russell Vines said that the characters storyline and incredible visuals started flowing as soon as the cameras rolled.

“Australia’s vast, majestic, outback combined with the quintessentially Australian men and women doing aviation jobs that are dramatic, action packed and unique was always going to be a winner,” said Vines.

OUTBACK PILOTS will be broadcast on 7mate on Tuesday, 16 May at 8:30pm.

Broadcasting immediately before OUTBACK PILOTS is OUTBACK TRUCKERS, another series by Prospero Productions which is now in its fifth season.