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In Roebourne on the set of Elevate film Undiscovered Country_photo by Robyn Marais

Taken during the filming of Undiscovered Country in Roebourne, which is one of six films selected for Elevate. Photo by Robyn Marais.

The 2016 Elevate Initiative films, funded by Screenwest and Executive Produced by FTI, have completed filming and are now in post-production, with two of the films in final post-production.

In April, six films were selected for Elevate, which is a skills development program that provides production and development support.

Three of the films were shot in regional Western Australia – Yulubidyi at the Parnngurr Community, Watchdog in Windy Harbour and Undiscovered Country in Roebourne, with the others shot around Perth.

FTI’s Director – Screen Production, Ros Walker said that it had been exciting seeing the Elevate films taking shape.

“We’ve got two laugh-out loud comedies with one comedy scene that is a classic, I laugh just thinking of it, as well as a gentle coming of age story that makes us question the future and a drama that is poignantly moving,” Ros said.

“The last two to get to rough cut are the ones with VFX, but I am expecting nothing less than terrific based on the rushes.”

The 2016 Elevate projects are:

  • Undiscovered Country – Writer/Director: Tyson Mowarin, Producer: Robyn Marais
  • Yulubidyi – Until The End of the World – Co-writers and Co-directors: Curtis Stone and Nathan Mewett, Producer: Glen Stasiuk
  • Adult School – Writer: Magda Wozniak, Director: Renee Rutgrink, Producer: Georgina Isles
  • Carmentis – Writer/Director: Antony Webb, Producer: Jaclyn Hewer
  • Closing the Gap – Writers: Cody Cameron-Brown and Brett Dowson, Director: Cody Cameron-Brown, Producers: Jessica Parker and Brett Dowson
  • I Said Nothing – Writers: Kaleb McKenna and Brett Dowson, Producers: Brett Dowson and Jessica Parker

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Posted 01 December 2016

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