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Last updated: Monday, 13 September 2021


Untitled Feature Film

  • Drama Feature
    More details to be announced.

Tim Winton’s Ningaloo

  • Docu-series
  • Producer: Celia Tait
  • Production Company: Artemis Media
  • Synopsis: Celebrated author Tim Winton takes us on a lyrical and passionate exploration of Ningaloo – a haven for unique and endangered species, and one of the last pristine ecosystems on this planet. A remote and arid ‘”living arc” where the forces of nature are still the most powerful thing shaping it, Ningaloo has deeply inspired Tim’s life and writing. He seeks out how it came to be, how its intimate and global connections create a biological hot spot, and what it can tell us about our future. For Tim, it’s a place that enriches humanity – and his exploration will astonish, inspire and delight.

Every Family Has a Secret 3

  • Docu-series
  • Producer: Celia Tait
  • Production Company: Artemis Media
  • Synopsis: presented by Noni Hazlehurst this masterfully crafted observational documentary series follows everyday Australians on a life changing journey, seeking out the hidden secrets within their families. Revealing dark pasts, lies and buried scandals, Every Family has a Secret tells astonishing stories that will shock, move and captivate.


Outback Car Hunters

  • Docu-series
  • Producer: Nathan Gibbs
  • Production Company: Catch & Release Pty Ltd
  • Synopsis: Abandoned classic cars from all over the world are scattered right across the Aussie Outback and some are worth a fortune to those lucky enough to find them.


  • Documentary Series
  • Producer: Julia Redwood, Claire Foster
  • Production Company: Prospero Productions
  • Synopsis: A heart-warming and inspiring documentary series (8x 1h) following the staff and patients at the world’s most remote children’s hospital.

Australia’s Health Revolution S1

  • Docu-Series
  • Producer: Nia Pericles
  • Production Company: Artemis Media
  • Synopsis: Backed by the latest science, can renowned science journalist, Dr Michael Mosley, and local sports physiologist-turned diabetes warrior, Ray Kelly, revolutionise the nation’s health and reverse type 2 diabetes across the country, saving both lives and limbs?

Outback Truckers S9

  • Documentary Series
  • Producer: Julia Redwood, Alan Hall
  • Production Company: Prospero Productions

Strap yourself in for another bumper series of the truck drivers Downunder in the biggest trucks, heaviest trucks on earth.

Aussie Gold Hunters S6

  • Docu-Series
  • Producer: Ingrid Longley
  • Production Company: Electric Pictures
  • Synopsis: We re-join our hard-core crews of gold prospectors as they take the gamble of a lifetime and battle to strike it big, deep in the wild west of outback Australia.



  • Feature Film
  • Writer/Director: Robert Connolly
  • Producers: Robert Connolly, Liz Kearney, James Grandison
  • Production Company: Arenamedia
  • Synopsis: Based on the best-selling novel by Tim Winton, Blueback is a timely tale about the ocean, a beautiful marine creature, and a young girl’s power to change the world.

Stage Changers

  • Documentary Single
  • Producer: Ella Wright
  • Synopsis: Given one shot at glory, can four small town independent theatre makers scale
    up to make their first major international festival work? Or will their dreams come crashing down as the curtains fall?

Iggy & Ace

  • Web series
  • Producer: Hannah Ngo, Melissa Kelly
  • Production Company: Lazy Susan Films
  • Synopsis: The friendship between two young, gay alcoholics who live, work and play together is tested when one of them decides to get sober.

The Truth About Anxiety with Celia Pacquola

  • Documentary TV Single
  • Producer: Jaqueline Willinge, Dan Brown
  • Production Company: Joined Up Films
  • Synopsis: Celia Pacquola is on a mission to find out how Anxiety is affecting Australia.

Dr James and His Bizarre Beasts

  • Docu-series
  • Producer: Renee Kennedy
  • Production Company: Metamorflix
  • Synopsis: If it ain’t exotic, he ain’t interested; the Aussie vet that won’t see cats and dogs.

The Picture of Dorian Gray

  • Augmented Reality Experience
  • Producer: Ali Lucker & Mateo Rodriguez
  • Production Company: Sutu Eats Flies
  • Synopsis: A mobile Augmented Reality experience that transforms the user’s live selfie video into a dynamic digital story adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray.

Hug The Sun

  • Web series
  • Producers: Aaron McCann, Johnny Ma
  • Production Company: Johnny Ma Studios
  • Synopsis: Between 1990 and 1991, a strange Children’s show aired on WA’s community TV stations and promoted the strange teaching of ‘Oxtos’ before disappearing from the airwaves forever.

ITCH Series 2

  • TV series
  • Producer: Amanda Morrison
  • Production Company: Komixx Entertainment
  • Synopsis: What happens when a source of unimaginable power falls into the hands of a teenage boy?

What Does Australia Really Think?

  • Docu-Series
  • Producers: Dan Brown, Jaqueline Willinge, Anthony Willinge, Darren Hutchinson
  • Production Company: Joined Up
  • Synopsis: In this new documentary series, we’re going to investigate 3 of the most important issues affecting the social fabric of our nation and find out if we can still claim to be the land of the fair go, or if we’re fast becoming the land of the free-for-all.

Facing Monsters

  • Feature Documentary
  • Producers: Frank Chidac, Chris Veerhuis, Susanne Morrison
  • Production Company: Beyond West
  • Synopsis: What price is a loving couple prepared to pay so that one of them can follow their dream? Kerby Brown’s compulsion is to ride the most lethal waves in the world, but every day he and his partner Nicole wrestle with the dilemma that what defines him could also kill him.

Girl Like You

  • Docu-Series
  • Producers: Cody Greenwood
  • Production Company: Rush Films
  • Synopsis: Over four years, a young woman watches her lover transition from male to female; adjusting to new breasts and hips, incredible mood swings, as well as coming to terms with her own evolving sexuality.

Outback Truckers S8

  • Docu-Series
  • Producers: Julia Redwood, Ed Punchard, Alan Hall
  • Production Company: Prospero Productions
  • Synopsis: Returning for an epic 8th season, Outback Truckers is back, bigger and better than ever. We join the men and women who battle against the odds to transport crucial supplies across Australia’s harshest terrain.

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