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This compelling new series follows the lives of eight young hopefuls who share the lifelong dream of becoming a vet. For the 5th year students coming to the end of a gruelling course, the time has come for them to be unleashed onto the busy wards of Murdoch University’s state-of-the-art teaching hospital. Over the next few weeks, the students face an intense crash course in every medical and emotional hurdle a vet may face in a whole career. For the 4th years it’s the “Year from Hell” with over 70 hours of intense lectures, practicals and coursework every week. From major surgery on a dog to the proverbial hand up a cow’s back side, this unflinching series captures all the triumph and tragedy these young vets experience in the run up to their final year.

Filmed and Post Produced in Western Australia

on the Traditional Country of the Noongar Whadjuk peoples

Production Information

Series Director

Adam Barry


Ed Punchard

Julia Redwood

Assistant Producer

Poppy Chandler

Shooting Directors

Chester Dent

Nick Fletcher


Jonathan Rowdon

Roland Smith


DCD Rights

Key Locations

Murdoch University Specialist Vet Clinic, Perth


Glenn Hall

Production Manager

Jules Fortune

Production Coordinator

Freya Brueschke

Sound Recordists

Jason North

Ash Charlton

Carsten Frederikson

Kim Lord

Gary Carr


Tim Count

Keith Van Geyzel

Sound Post Production

Kim Lord

The Art of the Ob-Doc

“Being the top end vet clinic Murdoch often sees the sickest and most traumatic cases.”

“It became evident very quickly that for many pet owners there is little or no distinction between animal and their children. The last thing these already stressed and upset people wanted was a camera thrust in their face. So it was important to come up with a working methodology that would allow us to maximize the potential of a story whilst remaining unobtrusive.”

– Adam Barry, Director

Photo credit Nick Fletcheher & Peta North
Stephanie Austin, Chris McComiskie & Daniel Sing
Photo credit Nick Fletcheher & Peta North
Erin Kelly, Berit Owen, Megan Allsopp, Christopher McComiskie, Susie Clohessy, Stephanie Austin

About the Producer

Julia Redwood established Prospero Productions with Ed Punchard in Perth in 1991

“Prospero has now become one of the leading independent documentary production companies in Australia. In addition to being joint managing director, Julia is a multi award winning producer, director and writer. In 1998 her directorial debut “Paying for the Piper” was nominated for two AFI awards and won the Golden Spire Award at the 2000 San Francisco Film Festival

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Acknowledgement of Country



We acknowledge Whadjuk Noongar people as the original custodians of the land on which the Screenwest office is located.


Screenwest acknowledges and pays respect to all Traditional Owners of Country across the State of Western Australia and their Elders, past, present and emerging. We recognise and respect their cultural heritage, spiritual beliefs and relationship to land and waters and acknowledge that they are of continuing importance to the people living today. We extend this respect to all Indigenous language groups.